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November 21st 2013
Published: November 21st 2013
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Question: What are ways of making music in peru and what music is the most popular in peru?

The article is basically talking about how in peru made music and the types of instruments they used to make music. They explain how they make all different type of music. For example, they use the Pomatinyas, which were made out of puma skin, to make music. They also explain how spanish was the first type of music created. "Creole Music" is another type of music in peru. Peru is known for the most music made with some animal skin.

The most popular music in peru is the Afro-Peruvian music and the andas. I believe they are the most popular music because they the andas music is well known for outside these countries and through the folklore groups. The afro-peruvian music is known for the black slaves because it comes from the roots of their community. So that is why these are the types of music very popular. There are other several types of music but these were the ones that are most popular.


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