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October 19th 2004
Published: October 19th 2004
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Yeh I'm starting to get a bit of colour back into my skin now after a week bumming around on various beaches on the Pacific coast in the North of Peru. The surf hasn't been anything worth renting a board for but it's definately been nice to be swimming in waves and salt water again thats for sure! I also re-discovered the joy of reading which is exciting for me, I picked out the smallest book there was in the book exchange back in Huaras(90pages long) which just happened to be a John Stienbeck classic so I finished it in my first day at the beach! So that's what I do now, i read books at the beach.
Also I met a cool French-Canadian guy in Huaras who was travelling the same way as me so we've been together for the last week and tomorrow we cross over to Ecuador. His name is Cristian and dammit... he tans quicker then me.

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Huanchaco beachHuanchaco beach
Huanchaco beach

Those are all Totora reed boats they call "cabaitos" and use for fishing out in the bay. pretty cool to watch them paddling out on they're knees through the waves
Give me back  my camera! no  I don't want a  photo of me sunbathing with some hot chicks to  make my mates back home  jealousGive me back  my camera! no  I don't want a  photo of me sunbathing with some hot chicks to  make my mates back home  jealous
Give me back my camera! no I don't want a photo of me sunbathing with some hot chicks to make my mates back home jealous

truth be told these girls were to young for me to even look at but they wantedto practice they're english so we graced them with our inteligence(how do you spell that?) for a little while.
Chan Chan - TrujilloChan Chan - Trujillo
Chan Chan - Trujillo

just around the corner from the beach in Huanchaco they'd found some old ruins a few years ago so we went and checked them out one day when we were a bit sick of sunbathing and swimming and reading and eating seafood...
Today my class went to see the Chan Chan ruins...Today my class went to see the Chan Chan ruins...
Today my class went to see the Chan Chan ruins...

If you think these kids look short next to me, you'll be shocked to know that Peruvians actually shrink a little bit from this hight by the time they reach full maturity. Very short people.
Huaca de la Luna - TrujilloHuaca de la Luna - Trujillo
Huaca de la Luna - Trujillo

So they started uncovering this Pyramid about 13yrs ago when it was found totally covered in desert-blown sand.
The Layers of the PyramidThe Layers of the Pyramid
The Layers of the Pyramid

They have discovered that this tribe of people filled in the rooms each 100yrs and built a new layer on top, thus creating a Pyramid. And each layer had a differant theme for the miurals on the walls which are generally pretty well preserved after a presumed 2000 odd years.
Inside  the PyramidInside  the Pyramid
Inside the Pyramid

They've also started digging out sections of the inside of the it and here you can see the paintings of their God on the walls of the level below where they have just filled it all up with mud bricks to make a floor for the next level
Alejandro the fishermanAlejandro the fisherman
Alejandro the fisherman

I met this guy one morning as I was taking my morning walk on the beach, he was fixing some holes in his nets so they'd be ready to go out again the next day
Mancora crewMancora crew
Mancora crew

Please note Hulk Hogan stunt double to my left there, he's a Polish traveller that's been on the road for three years and reckons he's going to sail down to New Zealand with his mate next year from Tahiti to catch some eels.... hhhmmmmm

30th April 2005

Hi..from PerĂº
Hola me llamo Heyner soy de Piura-PerĂº ,quiero felicitarlos por su webpag,es interesante, espero que les haya gustado mi pais,y en especial las playas,gracias a ustedes mas gente nos viene a visitar...thanks ..bye. - Heyner
2nd September 2005

De echo que les gusto el Peru!!! solo agradecerles por que actitudes como las de ustedes; de compartir sus experiencias sin egoismos, hace que este mundo sea por momentos lo que alguna vez fue,vivir en armonia con la madre naturaleza (pachamama)un abrazo/love
25th April 2006

personal info on trujillo
hey man, Im from Arizona, in the US. im leaving to go to trujillo for 3 months. I am interested in hearing some cool things about the town. Also, i want to work in an orphanage but think to myself it is easier to obtain a job by just going and not by internet. let me no please. I leave on the 18th of may. VIVA PERU!!!!
25th October 2006

Soon there!
Hey, I'm Johan from Sweden. I read your blog, looks like you're having a great time! I was just looking for information about nice beaches and surfing in Peru, I'm going there in just a few weeks with my girlfriend. We'll be there for 6 weeks, in Peru and Bolivia. Are there any laidback backpacker places, where should we go? if you have the time, and want to, I would appreciate some tips! Hang loose :) // Johan
19th December 2006

sweeeet dude sounds like u had a sweeeet flippin time

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