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November 19th 2005
Published: November 19th 2005
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After 10 days in the forest we're back again. We ve now joined an NGO (ADRA Peru) that sends engineers to indigenous communities. So during the next few weeks we´ll be travelling from village to village testing water, building wells and teaching English as well as basic hygene rules. Its gonna be tough because some of the communities live a day´s boat trip away from Pucallpa..... Last week we finally got to see the deep jungle with its gigantic ants, snakes and funny trees. We went as far as a lagune in the middle of nowhere, infested by 12ft crocodiles! Unfortuately they don´t come out in the day so we didnt get to see them. On sunday there was a football tournament between local tribes. We took part and were knocked out in the semi finals. A part from teaching english we´ve been fishing in the river and trying exotic fruits. The mosquito bites are multiplying everyday and my stomach is still strugling to adapt. We´ve heard a few scary tales of canibal tribes and "gringos" (white people) kidnapping villagers in order to sell their organs on the black market. Unforunately ADRA have confirmed these stories and its hardly surprising that those sort of things can happen in the jungle. Its so huge and there´s no police presence at all. Not to worry though, we won´t be heading into the dangerous areas....


19th November 2005

on t'a reconnu, c'est toi le voleur de bites des péruviens ... bref. Gala de l'ecole dans une semaine, on se mettra une caisse en pensant à vous - on prend vos diplomes et on les revend au black, ok ? bisous à vous deux, bande de bande de vacanciers, et arretez de jouer au toof : allez construire des ponts, des puits ou détourner des rivières, especes d'ingénieurs en vadrouille. Montez une boite de BTP là-bas !! bisous de la part de wam, donc, et d'ania, qui loose devant la starac.
20th November 2005

Scaring the wits out of your Mum!!!
Hi Graeme, your mum is with me reading have just aged her by 5 years!! Hope you are keeping well, stay off eating the tarantulas!! Don't eat the guinea pigs Sasha will never forgive you!! Stay safe, love from us all.
21st November 2005

Like a candle in the wind
Okay, dear rosbeef, thanks for adding me to your mailing list. You miss the police, right? Don't worry, they'll wait for you at the airport... I'll be in Mexico near the Yucatan to see my sister in March or April, I'll keep you informed. Continue to send news!!!

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