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South America » Peru » Ucayali » Nueva Betania November 19th 2005

After 10 days in the forest we're back again. We ve now joined an NGO (ADRA Peru) that sends engineers to indigenous communities. So during the next few weeks we´ll be travelling from village to village testing water, building wells and teaching English as well as basic hygene rules. Its gonna be tough because some of the communities live a day´s boat trip away from Pucallpa..... Last week we finally got to see the deep jungle with its gigantic ants, snakes and funny trees. We went as far as a lagune in the middle of nowhere, infested by 12ft crocodiles! Unfortuately they don´t come out in the day so we didnt get to see them. On sunday there was a football tournament between local tribes. We took part and were knocked out in the semi finals. ... read more

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Nueva Betania November 5th 2005

We´re back in Pucallpa for a few days after our first week in the jungle. The community we stayed in is set in the middle of nowhere about 100 km up the river Ucayali from Pucallpa. Around 400 people live in wooden huts/houses with virtually no contact with the external world. Most of them have only seen a few "white people" in their whole life so we’re getting plenty of attention, especially from the kids. The only source of water is the river, which is far from clean, so we´ll probably be coming back often for water supplies. There is a generator that can provide a small amount of electricity when needed (if there’s any fuel to burn) but that’s about the only luxury they’ve got. Most of the "houses" are simply wooden floors elevated off ... read more
Boat trip
Boat trip 2
A warm welcome

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