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March 15th 2013
Published: April 13th 2013
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Travel Surprises Spongy walks on floating islands, mythical Lake Titicaca, a wild ride to an archaeological site, the infamous Bolivian protest blockade, the kindness of strangers, and a meeting with a Travelblogger--Puno wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. I was in Bolivia and had planned to stay until my visa expired. However, a message from a Travelblog friend changed my plans, and... Read Full Entry

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floating islandfloating island
floating island

curiously narrow like many of the islands
tourist boat and islander with harvested reedstourist boat and islander with harvested reeds
tourist boat and islander with harvested reeds

floating islands and solid island in background
Uros Island with solar panal backed by reeds and private island Uros Island with solar panal backed by reeds and private island
Uros Island with solar panal backed by reeds and private island

hotel looked like a cruise ship that collided with the island
hand harvesting algae and  paddle boathand harvesting algae and  paddle boat
hand harvesting algae and paddle boat

the algae was sold as animal feed

14th April 2013

Great Memories
What a great blog and great memories. I really enjoyed reading this and it brought back some great memories. I feel as if I have known you for years. You made me laugh at some of your observations. Looking forward to reading more great stories, seeing more of your awesome pictures and keeping up with your adventures. And congratulations you Hall of Fame blogger!
14th April 2013

My Inspiration
Glad you liked my account of our time as much as I enjoyed being with you and reading your blogs of our adventures. You really were my inspiration for writing--only a month late, my fastest yet! And I thank you and all the big bloggers for inducting me into the Hall of Fame. I'm so proud to be part of this great community.
14th April 2013
Travelbloggers Brendan and I meet at last

Always fun to have a TB moment...stands for Travelblog & Tara and Brendan...meant to be. Great you could each travel to meet. As usual your pics look other worldly...I've gotta return to South America one day...maybe for a TD moment.
14th April 2013
Travelbloggers Brendan and I meet at last

TD Adventure--yes!
Yes, I had great fun with Brendan, so now it's your turn to head over here for some dancing adventure. Those Uros Islands were indeed unworldly--glad you liked the photos! See you soon!
15th April 2013

What a lovely meetup. It's lovely to hear the differences and similarities in your traveling styles. I'm glad that no offerings were made to the Earth Goddess during your visit! ;)
2nd May 2013

Lovely meet up, indeed!
Thanks Michelle, it was so amazing to meet a fellow Travelblogger and find Brendan as fun as his blogs. Hopefully, I'll get to meet more from our wonderful community. And I so agree that we were lucky that Pachamama felt our happy smiles were offering enough. Here's to Earth Goddesses everywhere!
16th July 2013

I love your blog. The only countries I have visited in South America are Venezuela, Columbia and Guyana. I am most intrigued by Brazil in particular but all of that continent is on my list for the future. I love your style so I will subscribe to your blog.
22nd July 2013

Thanks Roger
I'm glad you like my style--thanks for the kind words. I love South America and will be heading up to your haunts in the north in a year or so. Hope you get to Brazil soon--it was fantastic! Happy travels!

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