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December 14th 2010
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Spalo se nam moc dobre - na ostrove Amantani byl klid a ani kohouti nas nebudili. Na snidani nam pani domaci udelali moc dobre palacinky s dzemem a cajem z muni/neco jako mata/. Pak uz byl cas se rozloucit a rychle do pristavu, odtud potom na dalsi z ostrovu Taquile. Pocasi nam pralo a slunce poradne palilo uz od rano a navic v tehle nadmorske vysce to pere jeste vic. Taquile nam pripomina jakysi stredozemni ostrov, podobna vegetace, policka, kamenne ploty a par pasoucich ovci. Maji tu zajimavy system jak odlisit toho kdo je zenaty od tech svobodnych - nosi tu odlisne barevne cepice-chlapy, u zen je to pak jina barva sukne. Mohli jsme videt Bolivii a cele jezero bylo nadherne modre a obrovske...Po obede jsme se nalodili, pospali jsme si na palube lodi, ale asi za hodku jsme uz museli dolu do kajuty, protoze slunce do nas pralo. Po navratu do Puna nam nekdo dal falesnou 5 solovou minci, ale hned jsme ji poslali dal v chife - cinske restauraci.

We slept like babies - island Amantani is quiet place and we didnt even hear the cocks. For brekkie our landlady made delicious pancakes with and muna tea /similar to mint/. Then it was time to say goodbye and quickly to port and head to the next island Taquile. Weather was great, sun shining maybe a bit too much cos of a high altitude. Taquile reminds us a Meditarriean island, similar vegetation, fields, stone fences and a few sheep. they have an interesting system how to recognize married or single men - they do wear caps of different colours, women then wear differently coloured skirts. We could see Bolivia and the lake was so blue and enormous...After lunch we embarked, had a nap on the dock but later forced to get back by sun that was just too strong. Back in Puno someone gave us a false 5 soles coin, but we passed it on immediately in chifa - chinese restaurant.

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