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October 31st 2008
Published: October 31st 2008
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The boat ride to the islandsThe boat ride to the islandsThe boat ride to the islands

First boat broke down out on the lake so we got transfered to the local disco boat... awesome interior decorating.
When got to Puno and went and saw the reed islands.

They are fairly amazing. The original tribe that built them did so to get away from benig picked on by other tribes in the area. Good idea, you just get some blocks of reeds and form an island, then put more reeds on top and build things out of reeds to use as houses and boats. They just anchor them into the lake bed to stop from floating away. Every little island had about 20 people on it and each had their own president.

The only drawback that Sarita brought to my attention is that it is wet and cold most of the year around in Puno.

But I have a plan to build my own reed island and place it somewhere in the carribean or off the coast of Australia. I of course would be president...it would probably be a dictatorshiop to be honest. Nice weather, good food and if you get bored with the layout of your island you just build a new one or bored of the location you just shift to a new spot.

I´ll build it big enough for people to
Reed IslandsReed IslandsReed Islands

Check it out islands made of reeds. You could start a whole new reed continent.
visit, just let me know if your are coming and I can build an extra bit of island and build a little house for you.

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Captain of the Reed BoatCaptain of the Reed Boat
Captain of the Reed Boat

I was thinking of taking chrage of this little number and starting my take over of the reed islands

31st October 2008

they look amazing?! they almost don't look real - like a little toy village.. very cool x
1st November 2008

Wow - the islands look so beautiful. What a fascinating and ambitious idea. Reading your travel blog is becoming an education. Thank you. Best wishes and safe travelling. Taragh x
4th November 2008

Is that a swing set in the backyard of one island homeowner or is it a frame for a soccer net? Did you try any trampoline moves? Can you grow anything on the islands? Adam as a president you might consider some of these questions or we'll vote you down and under, that's coming soon, isn't it?

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