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April 25th 2011
Published: May 5th 2011
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1: Party people 16 secs
And.....another border crossing and a several hours later, we were in Peru! (How strange, this country hopping. Crazy what you can accomplish in a day!)

And really, we´re here for a tour at the lake. Chose a company with good reviews (All Ways) and had a great time, albeit a little commercialized and touristy.

We visited the floating islands...this is amazing. The reed roots growing underwater create a floating peat-like substance that floats to the surface in huge chunks and: Viola! Instant floating island that supports 8-10 families and their homes. It´s like nothing else.

Next, we headed to Amantani island where we stayed with a native Quechua-speaking family. Did the usual dress-up and local party that has become part of such tours, and it was totally fun. Mom, dad, daughter and granddaughter were all super nice and accomodating and fed us delicious, simple local fare.

Following day we toured the last island, Taquile, and had lunch.

So cool! A day in Puno to recover and we were once again on our way, this time to Cuzco for you know what......

Additional photos below
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Our bus, crossing The LakeOur bus, crossing The Lake
Our bus, crossing The Lake

....sans passengers, of course

The floating island
The reedsThe reeds
The reeds

You can build and island, house, boat out of em...heck! You can even eat them! But they´re a little flavorless, I must admit
Sunset from Pacha MamaSunset from Pacha Mama
Sunset from Pacha Mama

The worship temple of Mother Earth on Amantani

Lots of livestock on the island

5th May 2011

love the new party clothes
Thanks again for all the wonderful pics. I must say the outfits are quite becoming. But, can you Salsa in them.. Hope all is
5th May 2011

Previous post.: regarding consuming people
I submitted a previous post, thought I did, but it never had a place to click on submit. So don't think it made it...Please tell JD to stop eating people, and of course, you shouldn't catch them for him. Awesome award winning pics on the salt flats I think. Great pics. lol
9th May 2011

Your special day
Quinn, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Uncle Bob

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