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September 23rd 2004
Published: September 23rd 2004
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Well I'm In Peru now, I crossed over about 3days ago with a Frech guy I met in Bolivia, and we stayed a couple of nights in Puno and which is a little town on the edge of the lake and one night on an island with some locals out on the lake which was cool.

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The floating IslandsThe floating Islands
The floating Islands

On our way out to the island that we stayed on we stopped off to visit the floating islands. these ones are extra spruced up for tourism but there are a couple of thousand people that live here on floating islands like these
Reed boat rideReed boat ride
Reed boat ride

they told us afterwards that we had to pay which was a nice little surprise. and that's Olivier my French friend opposite me
On our way to "the other island"On our way to "the other island"
On our way to "the other island"

That's me and Olivier, and 2 Sweedish Chicks and a South African guy we met and ended up spending a bit of time together.
This is the house me and Olivier stayed atThis is the house me and Olivier stayed at
This is the house me and Olivier stayed at

That is the oldest daughter down infront and she's weaving some material for a bag. Check out also how short that door is to our room upstairs!

24th September 2004

Russ - I am so increadably amazed! I have NEVER seen such a wicked traveller as yourself! The amount of photos you have doing such amazing stuff - normally you only see pix of people or of scenery but YOU get right into it! I LOVE your pix! It inspires me after 6.5 years of travelling to do the same! Good on ya mate! Take care Twila
6th October 2004

you really did take some awesome pictures and it looks like you had an amazing time doing so. good luck to you,"margie"
10th October 2004

Babe Peru must be the best place you've been so far! So many cool little things. Thanks again for sharing your photos. Deb
10th November 2006

peru is very beautiful
20th February 2008

Its nice to see
I am so pleased that someone had a great time visiting the place i call home but seem to be so far away from . . . I was born in Lima Peru . . . It looks like you had a grand time you appear to be very happy hope you will visit again and shar some more pics . . . I really enjoyed them.

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