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September 28th 2004
Published: September 28th 2004
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I just got back from the 4day Inca Trail to Machu Pichu and it was absolutely amazing! We walked for about 6hrs a day, camped each night and ended up at the old Inca ruins of Machu Pichu. It was hard work with a lot of uphill and big steps, and the weather was pretty cloudy and foggy for the first three days and it even rained a bit one day, but when we got there on the fourth day the weather was perfect so we were all so stoked! My group of 14 was made up of a lot of Americans, an Irish couple, a South African woman, a Pom and me, and we had a lot of fun! And our guides and Chef were great too, we ate so well the whole time and learnt a lot about the Inca culture so all and all it was a great 4days. I'd been looking forward to this for a long time so it was real cool to finally make it there and have good weather. Big ups to my mate in the sky, and sorry I doubted you.

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We accept VISA!!!!We accept VISA!!!!
We accept VISA!!!!

This was one of about the 4-5 shops that we saw along the Inca Trail, but it was the only one where you could use you credit card. no-one dared
Football at 3300mFootball at 3300m
Football at 3300m

At the end of day1 all the porters, guides and gringos that have still got a bit of energy have a bit of a kick around to wind down for the day. We could only play for about 10mins a half because the air was so thin, but it was still good fun.
Day2 was a big day!Day2 was a big day!
Day2 was a big day!

We walked up this vally to "Dead Womans Pass" at 4200m, which was the highest point for the whole trail. 4hrs up, then 2hrs down really big steps untill we arrived at our second camp ground
Camp site 2.Camp site 2.
Camp site 2.

those are the tents that we slept in, and we'd turn up in the arvo and they'd be allready set up by our fantastic porters, ready for nap-time. Our porters were the men!
Pretty much all we saw on day 3Pretty much all we saw on day 3
Pretty much all we saw on day 3

There was fog absolutly everywhere on day3 so as you can imagine we were starting to really worry about wether or not we'd be able to see Machu Pichu the next day
Inca T2Inca T2
Inca T2

There was the odd little Inca building along the way, and one of the charachteristics of them is the angled walls for earthquake protection
Doesn't look fair huh?Doesn't look fair huh?
Doesn't look fair huh?

This is Jose one of our porters with his home-made backpack, and me with my pitterfull little load.
Lunch on Day3Lunch on Day3
Lunch on Day3

Our porters would run ahead of us with their akward loads every day to set up a tent and prepare our lush feeds so when we finally turned up for morning-tea or lunch we just had to sit down and chow down. We were so spoilt.
Inca T3Inca T3
Inca T3

Most of the Inca trail that we walked had been re-built or re-routed because it was too dangerous, but this is one of the parts that is still the origonal Inca Trail from about 700yrs ago
Me Alex and FreddyMe Alex and Freddy
Me Alex and Freddy

These guys were our two guides. And for all the boys back home - check out what's written on their t-shirts... it's S.A.S! Our tour company was called S.A.S travel, and that is the main reason I picked them - yeyah represent!!
First view of Machu PichuFirst view of Machu Pichu
First view of Machu Pichu

This was amazing. After all this build-up we could finally see it, and we could see it getting bigger and bigger for the last half hour of the trek.
The vally bellow the TrailThe vally bellow the Trail
The vally bellow the Trail

I did manage to drag my eyes off Machu Pichu for long enough to take this photo. I need to get a wide lense camera though because this photo hardly does the view justice, it was so beautiful up there
And there it isAnd there it is
And there it is

I pretty much ran the last hour so I could beat a bit of the traffic and some some photo's before it filled up with the train loads of daytripping tourists.

10th October 2004

missed out
man I didn't even see this one for some reason I missed out! Awesome photos! What amazing views. God is good :)
20th June 2005

I'm confused about how to pack, you looked really warm and really cold.......?
23rd August 2005

I'm an English teacher in Thailand, and Just let you know that I will use your photoes when teaching about MachuPichu. Thanks in advance. By the way, your trip must be cool!!!
3rd September 2005

I actually live in Lima and havent gone there yet. Your pics make me want to go as soon as I can.
28th November 2005

the heven on earth
hi wow man that was wanderfull its like adream i'll never beleav its man made its like amagic
30th April 2006

Since 6 years ago when i first read about Inka empire is my dream to visit Machu Pichu, Titicaca Lake and all around Peru.U r a lucky man.I spend my time searching for people s pics who had the chance to be there.Hasta pronto Peru.( Elena- Bucharest, Romania)
28th June 2006

Nice blog page, I want to do this trip later this year and would like to know who you went with and if you would recomend them? Did you have to book the hiking trip in advance and how much did it cost? As we will be traveling light can we hire any needed equipment. Cheers paul
22nd March 2008

Wonderful Images
I was there in January, and can't wait to return. Lovely photos.

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