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August 5th 2015
Published: July 28th 2017
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Geo: -12.0931, -77.0465

After a 20 hour travelling day, we arrived into the hustle and bustle of Lima. Our first impressions of this city were grimy, polluted and chaotic - one that we hope to dispel with our meandering tomorrow.

Our taxi driver took my pigeon Spanish for fluency and fired a tirade of dialogue at me at the speed of an AK47. Dumbly, I shook my head and then continued to stare out at the industrial landscape as we jerked and bounced our way through the bumper to bumper traffic of the choked streets. Eventually, we found ourselves out of the gridlock and careering down wide highways, flanked by industrial ports as far as the eye could see, commercial boats moored up in regimented order along the docks and further out to sea.

Soon, we turned off the main highways and climbed a winding road up into the Miraflores district, the inequity giving way to palm trees as the ocean pounded the shore dropping away to our right. This area of Lima was a stark contrast to the area we had first traversed - here colonial buildings, ordered streets and modern buildings jostled for our attention. Every other building was a fast food outlet - KFC, Burger King, Mcdonalds - all the major international players were present, and mixed in alongside them were the Peruvian versions. Miraflores is famous as one of the key gastronomic areas of the city, so we were keen to explore, but sadly, lacking the energy to venture too far off the beaten track, we found ourselves eating burgers and chips in Peru's finest fast food restaurant. Not the most auspicious start to our adventure, but after 20 hours travelling, we were ready to sleep off the jet lag and managed a cool 12 hours slumber.


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