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March 10th 2007
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Allyu - OohAllyu - OohAllyu - Ooh

Our excellent guesthouse, the Allyu in Miraflores.
Before we came to Lima, we had been in two minds about whether to actually stay here. We had read lots of blogs from people who have visited Peru's capital city and had a terrible time, mostly at the hands of the many muggers who prey on unsuspecting tourists. It was with extreme trepidation that we decided to spend some time in Lima but we agreed from the outset not to take any chances. Alas that has meant we haven't had quite the adventurous time of it we would have liked but like the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

We've been out and about in Miraflores, the safe district in which we are staying. It's provided us with a snapshot of the affluent Peruvian lifestyle although I'm not sure I would want to live here. Police and private security guards patrol the region making you feel both safe and secure yet simulatneously on edge as you consider the reason why they're to be seen on virtually every street corner. Nevertheless, we've explored the centre of Miraflores a few times with its laid back park, funky Inca market full of cool Peruvian souvenirs (even though most stands sell the same
Hot AirHot AirHot Air

An unusual church, a random statue and a supermarket ballon. And Glynn, of course.
things) and the usual suspects of western shops and eateries - they even have a TGI Friday's here although it's megabucks compared to local restaurant prices and not a bite of veggie food on the menu.

Miraflores is also situated right on the sea front with a lovely 'Park of Love' nestled close to the imposing blue and white lighthouse that looks more like a token gesture than anything of practical use. The love park is so named because of a huge clay statue of a pair of lovers locked in a passionate embrace and all around its base is a beautifully crafted mosiac-encrusted seating area, perfect for a good place to smooch with your loved one! The elevated land at the edge of the park and indeed at the entire edge of Miraflores drops suddenly into an steep and rather precarious looking set of cliffs that are easily 200 metres high. At the bottom is a road and past the road is a small strip of rough looking beach. From the clifftops it was impossible to not be shocked at the polluted state of the water as it churned in all its brownness against the rough shingle shore.
Bridge of HighsBridge of HighsBridge of Highs

A transparent bridge linking two parts of Miraflores. As you will soon see, this is as exciting as it gets here!
Dirty white froth floated ominously on the ocean's surface and you couldn't help but wonder at all the crazy surfers and bodyboarders vying to catch a grimy wave or two. Yuk - not my kind of beach I'm afraid.

There's a brand new shopping mall in Miraflores called the Larcomar built right into the cliffs. The shops themselves are nothing to write home about although there is an official Hello Kitty shop there, so I was happily preoccupied for an hour or so :-) What amazed us most though was that recent landslips were evident all along the bank of cliffs and no effort seemed to have been made to strengthen the rock face. In fact, it simply looked as if the cliffs had been hacked away to make way for the road, the park and the shopping mall and one heavy rainfall could be disasterous.

Thankfully the food here in Lima has been better than in Chile. We've eaten out at Govinda's, a Hare Krishna run vegetarian restaurant which is both cheap and delicious but mostly we've picked our dinner up at the Vivanda supermarket deli counter which does the best Spanish omlettes amongst other tatsy and
Back in BlackBack in BlackBack in Black

Jude and the fume-rich Miraflores skyline.
unusual stuff like deep fried yuka plant. Our room at the Allyu B&B has been so comfortable that we've been happy to eat in and chill out with some cable tv although there's not too much choice of English language stuff and I don't think I can take another episode of CSI!!

We did have a nice day out in Central Lima as well, details of which will be revealed in the next thrilling blog. Hasta luego amigos!

Additional photos below
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A reference to the water and not my horrified husband!
Feast for  a KingFeast for  a King
Feast for a King

Good food at Govinda's, the wholesome vegetarian Hare Krishna restaurant.
Craft MarketCraft Market
Craft Market

We bravely ventured out into Miraflores one evening (it gets dark quite early here) and found this charming little craft market in the middle of the park. Glynn got himself a Hulk knitted fingerpuppet, as you do.
So NachoSo Nacho
So Nacho

Our favourite new snack - black corn nachos!
All Along the WatchtowerAll Along the Watchtower
All Along the Watchtower

Gotta love that tiny doorway!
Love SeatLove Seat
Love Seat

Jude gets ready for the hoards of Peruvian hunks...
Summer Lovin'Summer Lovin'
Summer Lovin'

A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day :-)

So that's why it's called the park of love!

The flashy but uninspiring Larcomar shopping mall in the Miraflores cliffs.

12th March 2007

hi kids i see glynn has got another puppet are you going to do puppet shows when you come home ha ha ha its not a big place is it i like the pictures of the fish and the statues look cool look after yourselfs lee has been bad had to go the hospital with him on sunday they gave him some tablets to take he has got a very bad cold cougth and flu virus will let you no how he is in a few days love mom dad and poorly boy lee love you loads x x x x x x x xx
19th March 2007

Wow - have started to read the blog
Hi Jude, Hi Glen, I have just beeen sorting through my wedding stuff and found your card with the blog address on. Started to read (have gotten to Kyoto so far) but its bed time now. Will be reading the rest over the next week. Am sooo jealous, looks like your having a fab time. will message u again when i've caught up with your travels. Will have to meet up when you get back, You can introduce me to your husband and I'll intoduce you to mine. :) Rach
21st June 2007

Loved your journal
Your journal was inspiring. I am leaving with husband for Peru for 2 week eco-tour. A bit nervous because I am not young, nubile and athletic. I am middle-aged, a good walker and yoga person, extremely adventurous, and off the beaten track, but also a bit neurotic. We are not sprinting the Inca Trail (missing it) but lots of walking and touring. I really enjoyed your pictures and zest for trave It gave me confort that I can actually do this (it's a real no-frills eco-trip). I also loved the rest of your travels. Thank you for doing this

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