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September 9th 2010
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This is going to be fairly long as we are starting from the beginning back in the UK...

So we arrived and checked in for our London-Miami flight at Heathrow on Monday morning fine, and took off on time. The BA plane was comfortable, there were good films showing, and we were really excited about starting our rtw trip. 9 1/2 hours went by pretty quickly and luckily managed to sleep for some of it, so we arrived in Miami feeling surprisingly fresh and went to check in for our Miami-Lima flight, which was in 3 hours time and another 5 1/2 hours. After some typically large American pizza portions we boarded the flight to Lima and promptly fell asleep for most of it, landing at 9pm in Lima, 3am in London, almost 24hrs after we left home.

After clearing immigration and waiting for ages for our luggage this is when the novelty of long haul flights wore off and tiredness kicked in, especially when our luggage wasn't there! So we went to Starbucks in Lima airport which is where we wrote our last blog to wait for 3 hrs for the next flight in from Miami which we were hoping our luggage would be on. It wasn't. By this time it was midnight so we decided to call it a night and headed to our hostel where we hoped our luggage would arrive the next day.

The hostel, Inka Frog, was really nice and in the Miraflores area of Lima, which is quite trendy and has lots of restaurants, shops and bars. After a much needed sleep we were up early to see if our luggage had arrived in from Miami and ready to explore Miraflores for the first real day of our trip. Still in the clothes we had on from the day before, we set out hoping by the time we came back our luggage would be at the hostel. We walked for about 15 minutes down the main avenues and streets, passing through Parque Kennedy which had lots of big stray cats and dogs, until we reached a big new outdoor shopping complex called Larcomar which has amazing views over the whole Lima coast. From April to October the sky in Lima is covered in a grey mist which turns it pure white but it wasn't that cold and we would imagine this would be a really nice beach spot in the summer.

After more walking through the parque de amore (park of love) which had beautiful gardens, and stopping for a spot of lunch (we both ate for under £7) we decided to head back to the hostel to check if the luggage had arrived. One bag had arrived - It was Vics bag (much to Scott's dissapointment haha)! So after more calls to BA and AA we headed back out to buy Scott some clean clothes - 2 cheesy t-shirts, 2 pants, a pair of socks and £9 later (Primark eat your heart out!), and got a take away for dinner and had an early night with a DVD.

We woke up at 5am and Scott immediately checked online to see the status of his bag- it had arrived and would be delivered to the hostel today! Happily fell back to sleep until 8.30 where we checked out of our room at the hostel to make our onward travel plans for the next few days. We popped into town to get some money and came accross a small cafe where we had a huge fresh mango juice and chicken/beef empademas (like small cornish pasties), Then we decided to head into Central Lima, as we'd heard the city centre was really nice, and check out the sites including the Caterdral de Lima, Convento Santa Domingo and San Francisco (pigeon picture) and Plaza/Sq de Armas. The whole of central Lima was a lot more colonial than the Miraflores area where we have been staying yet was also quite cosmopolitan. We had a typical peruvian lunch (Ceviche - which is raw fish, Lomo Saltado (Beef with peppers and rice) and Mashed potatoe stuffed with chicken mayo) . . . a lot nicer than it sounds!

So we have now been in Lima, Peru, for 2 days, and have really enjoyed this city and the country so far.

The people have been really friendly, we've been practising our Spanish and apart from the crazy driving (Glen - next time you go to watch Nascar you should just come to Lima and watch the traffic) we have felt really safe here.

Tomorrow at 4am we embark on a bus south to Paracas and will update again in a few days . . .

Hope you managed to make it to the end, speak soon,
S & V

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9th September 2010

Wow, All sounds amazing and looks like you are having a great time. Now the cases have arrived you can just chalk it up as a good travelling experience! Can't wait for the next installment. Stay safe, have fun. Rob
9th September 2010

Well, after a false start, off you go. Peru looks great and you both look well. Some of the sights of the city look really good. Now the real trip begins, on a local bus, with your back packs on. Enjoy the experience. Have loads of fun. Farsh
9th September 2010

peace in peru!!!
first and foremost I am glad you both got your luggage... eventually! :))) (hence the chosen title for this message!) happened to me in cairo and i was only there for 4 days and my luggage turned up 3 days later. great. peru sounds awesome and your pics are great! you are definitely making the most of your trip so far and it looks as though you're loving it. i am very very jealous! i am not having such a great time here (my immensley painful tooth is costing me £1250) and am tempted to gatecrash your party and join you guys. hehe! i love these little updates so make sure you continue whenever you can. and by the way, it was very well written... not that i expected any less. lol! ;) next installment soon please... love you both xxxx
9th September 2010

Take real good extra care
You must be having the time of your life. Cant believe your luggage went missing. Think about you both all the time. Enjoy every minute. Love from Unc D. Aunt M szlj and Bud xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11th September 2010

Vics in Casuals
Love seeing you in trackies! no heels for Peru hey :o) Have a lovely time both, although you look so chilled out already....

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