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June 8th 2006
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To everyone, I hope that when you read this that you will understand me, and understand that it is wrong to lie, because through lying you will never achieve anything good. No it’s the opposite, you only end up losing everything, like how I lost the woman that I love through lies. I was also at the point of losing my family, because when we lie it is difficult to have people begin to trust in us, or in any person who has lied.

I’m telling you, I lost the woman that I love and that I’m going to love for the rest of my life. My love, it’s true love, and I’ve known this ever since she left me. Since then, my life has changed so much, and now that it is too late, in the minimum, I’ve learnt that lies will never take me down a decent path in life. No, they will only ever end up in us losing everything, like the people that we love the most.

I was with her for nine months, and truth is that during those nine months, I never did anything for her. I always would think in myself, hardly ever in her, even though she would always do things for me and for my family. I’ll always be so grateful for her for everything that she did for us.

Now that its too late, and we are no longer together, I’ve finally realized that a relationship is not only about one person, but about two.

The truth is that during those nine months with her, we were almost always arguing and fighting. This was my fault. When she was in Peru we would fight, but even over the telephone or on MSN when she was in her country.

Not everything was arguments and fighting between us though. There were some beautiful moments that we shared, and even when she was in her country we would almost always write beautiful things to each other, such as this that she wrote to me. Well, she wrote in Spanish, but here is a translation in English.


I remember that when I was with you, I felt the happiest in my life. Like when we were surfing in the ocean, and you would always try to kiss me and we would end up falling into the sea. And I remember that you would always ask me if I was happy. I’m glad for everything, the simple and normal things that we did, like sleeping together, waking up together, eating together and showering together hahaha.

I loved traveling with you, like when we went to Mancora and Cajamarca. Its funny, but I loved being with you in the bus, when I could sleep by your side, or on your chest while you would listen to music (because you never wanted to sleep on the bus). I’m happy just to be walking with you, like when we’d go to the church in Huanchaco. And for the things like these. I miss you so much and I’m waiting for us to be together one more time.


I don’t know if you know this, but when we break up with the person that we love, and we are alone, we realize things way to late. We begin to ask ourselves, why didn’t we do more for the relationship to be better. We should communicate better, and many other things.

It’s impossible to rewind time, to ask for forgiveness for all the bad things that were done.

It’s already been one month since we separated, but this has not stopped me from loving her, and I will always love her, because she is the woman that I’m crazy for. And even though she doesn’t want to get back together with me I will love her.

Now I will just tell you one thing, if you love your partner, never lie to them.


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