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September 1st 2011
Published: September 1st 2011
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Yesterday morning I woke up packed my things and headed out the door to get a taxi to the bus station, after being ripped off by a whole tenner I had my wits about me this time, Id spoken to a guy in the hostal who said dont pay more than 10 soles so before i got in to taxi I said bus terminal for buses to ica si... si he said. Nice one, now I go to negotiate the price I held up 10 fingers and said 10 soles... ok he said.

So we got to the bus station and I give him 20 soles... he looks at me gone out and says he wants 150... i told him to piss right off and we finally agreed on 50 which meant i got ripped of a fiver so its getting better

Before i carry on can i just say i dont know where the punctuation keys are on these keyboards, im not being thick

So i get out the taxi and gets dragged in to the bus terminal and put infront of the desk, bus to ica por favor, 25 soles done. The man then takes me to the waiting area and keeps wittering on to me in spanish even though i keep saying NO ESPANOL ´
i think maybe he wants tip so i give him a few soles in the hope he will piss off but noooo he gets worse , he then produces a piece of paper and says telephonica... god knows why as neither of us spoke each others lingo, thinking i was being polite i write down a fake number and get on the bus as fast as i can. Id just taken a sigh of relief and who comes and sits next to me... he then says something in spanish that sounded scarily like im coming to ica with you, at this point i had to make a stand and found my phrase book out and told him to get lost, that did the trick.

The next stop a spanish guy sits next to me and again starts speaking in spanish... NO ESPANOL. So he starts drawing me pictures of the nazca lines and using my phase book to talk to me... he also taught me the spanish for help me, call the police, im injured and i need a doctor... very comforting. He said he was eye doctor and we were talking about contact lenses I was trying to tell him i wanted laser eye surgery and drew him a diagram of an eye with a laser going in it.... but that just looked proper dodgy he founf it amusing anyway

He then produces a business card and writes down the name of a doctor friend he has in ica hospital for emergencies... god knows what he thought was going to happen to me. He then told me his friend has hostal in huacacina and wrote the name of it down hospedaje rocha, he said to tell them to call him and he would pay but i declinedª Did go to the hostal though i arrived late afternoon, and managed to get on a sandboarding tour straight away which was cool because it was sunset and the scenery was really amazing, the driver was absolutely crackers the louder we screamed the faster he went up and down near vertical sand dunes and break neck speeds... luckily i had dosed up on sickess tablets for the bus journey otherwise i might have been in trouble. We then stopped at the top of massive him and get told to go down on the board... being a novice i decided there was less chance of me dying if i go down on my stomach, so off i went it was absolutley great you get such an adrenaline rush... we did several more runs then watched the sunset over the dunes which was magical, i was with a spanish family who didnt speak word of english but they took me under their wing and thought itwas really funny to keep having their photos taken with me.

I went back to hostal and got something to eat spagatis vegetarianos... it was the only thing on the menu i could guess was vegetarian, it was nice and there was loads of it, the family at the hostal even made me sit infront of tv in their longe area while eating... i cant remember what it was called that we were watching but it was more or less the spanish version of sunset beach, i couldnt understand what they were saying but i knew it was a load of shite.

Then i headed to the bar for a beer, i paid with a 20 but they had no change so i ordered a pisco sour as well i dont know whats in it but it knocks your head off. I then met a swiss guy called chris and we had a few more pisco sours and sat round the bonfire for a fe hours... i then realised pisco sour is made with raw eggs which made me feel slightly ill. Touch wood im ok though. There is a sign up in the bar which i think says if you drink 3 pisco sours then you give free sex, i decided to not take my chances and call it a nightª

This morning iv been for a walk around the oasis, which is just stunning and will shortly be enduring another bus journey to Nazca.


1st September 2011

Ellie baby you are sooo funny I look forward to readin your blog every day just to get my fix of funnys be safe cous love ya xx

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