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April 15th 2006
Published: April 15th 2006
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Hope all is well in your part of the world. We are at an Oasis at the moment wher you can going buggy in the dunes or sand board down any of the many slopes. If you don't get the hang of it right away at least it's a soft landiong even if the fine desert sand gets in your pants!

The desert is a bit of surprise at it runs along the south coast of Peru. The dunes are awesome with spetacular sunsets. The sun was a deep orange red yesterday.

Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. While relaxing at the oasis or as Sean calls it the Peruvian OC - if you are a fan of the US television show you get what he means. If not, it seems to be the place for the affluent Peruvians to be during this holy weekend. Every place here is booked and there are loads of people walking up the dunes to get some sandboarding in before sun down while others are opting for the paddle boats in the lagoon. Either way everyon is having fun in the HOT sun.

Taxi drivers keep asking us if we want
peddling our boatpeddling our boatpeddling our boat

on the lagoon at dusk
to go on a winery tour of the area but we┬┤ve opted not to join that circuit instead heading to the local regional museum (Instituto Nacional de Cultura- Ica Adolfo Bermudez Jemkins) which is one of the best regional cultural museums on Inca, Wari and Nasca cultures. Definately worth a visit they also had an Inca dog native to Peru.

After the museo we went into the centre to see some of the churches and Church of El Senor de Luren was prepping for a huge procession for the Good Friday festivities by the time we left to return to our Oasis the roads were being blocked by police. It was a sight reminded me of Italian religous festivities.

We depart the Oasis for Nazca tomorrow and will have a flight the following morning to see the mysterious lines in the desert sands. Some say the relate to the stars but there are hundreds of theories as to what their meaning may be.

Doing well and getting a bit of a tan...

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pretty birdpretty bird
pretty bird

what it's called I'm hopeful Mark will let me know?
mad man on the dunesmad man on the dunes
mad man on the dunes

We had so much fun!
El Senor de LurenEl Senor de Luren
El Senor de Luren

where it all begins tonight- people from all over come to experience this event and ask for Milagros (miracles)

10th May 2006

our paths crossed!
Hi Sean and Esther, just found your blog via Clara. Going through it I see we just missed each other! We arrived in Ica on Easter Sunday, stayed in Ocucaje and Huacacina, and visited Nasca, Paracas/Ballestras and the sand buggy to the fossilised whale. Too bad we didn't meet.

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