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September 27th 2011
Published: October 5th 2011
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Tuesday (Sep. 27th)
We got back this morning at 6 am and I had work at 8 at Casa Acogida. I didnt want to miss another day of work, so we just went home, showered, and it was off to work. The girls were fun today, pretty much everyone was willing to do the exercises with me. There were also 2 new girls so there are 12 in total. I asked about where some of the girls go some mornings and I couldnt quite understand what it was, but it was some place on the other side of town (not a school I dont think) and the girls have to have been at the shelter for at least 2 months before they are allowed to go in the mornings. I talked to the psychologist woman a bit before I left today and I think I am going to make a cake next week with the girls as a goodbye party before I leave. I really will miss these girls. At San Judas today Analy (one of the little girls I help) finished her book! It was so exciting for her, it was adorable. I think she has another book to start next time, but for this afternoon she was free to just play. And the other girl, Rosa, is almost finished with her book which is exciting as well.

Wednesday (Sep. 28th) - Friday (Sep 30th)
I woke up this morning incredibly stiff and freezing. I got ready for work but then never left. I went back to bed and stayed there for the next two days with a terrible flu. I was dizzy, achy, had a constant headache, a terrible cough, a high temperature on and off, and a bit of vomiting. Not very pleasent, especially while traveling. So no work for me the rest of this week which was a bummer because now I only have one left 😞

Saturday (Oct. 1)
Happy October! And I am feeling so much better. I was still a bit week and tired all day today, so I took it easy, but it was such a huge improvement. Another volunteer, Amelia from Washington (also 18), arrived last night, so there are 3 of us in the house again. I took her and Brittany to the market that is close to our house to check it out and to eat some more delicious cheese ice cream. Then the other girls went on a city tour and I went home to watch a movie. This evening Brittany and I went to meet up with a guy we had met in Arequipa as well as with Nadja, a girl I had met in the Galapagos. It was a slightly strange group, but it was good to see them and dinner was good. To finish off the day we watched Inglorious Bastards when we got home. Well done, and pretty funny, but incredibly gory.

Sunday (Oct. 2)
I feel almost back to normal! But it was still another relaxing day. I slept well and slept in for the first time in a while and then off to the internet to do pictures and blogging. This morning another new woman arrived, she is just doing a spanish school program here for two weeks. So this afternoon I took her into town with me to explore and I had a delicious moka (mocha) at a cute cafe overlooking the main plaza.


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