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October 25th 2009
Published: October 26th 2009
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Inca Trail Wow, what can we say? We had the most amazing hike. It had everything, mountains, altitude, ruins, and a bit of jungle…as well as lot’s of interesting people. Our first morning we were all picked up in a bus, and taken to the start of the trail…I really wasn’t functioning so well as it was about 5:30am when we were collected. We arrived at the trail, and got a group photo ... Read Full Entry

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Tranquility NowTranquility Now
Tranquility Now

This was a very peaceful place to spend a bit of time
More RuinMore Ruin
More Ruin

Great ruin, I couldn't stop taking photo's
holy holesholy holes
holy holes

The holes were part of an ancient door way system in the temple.
Stone by stoneStone by stone
Stone by stone

The rocks all one by one were placed in a manner that would last for 800 years, long past the people who built the place
Pen and the templePen and the temple
Pen and the temple

Pen and the ruin!
The entrance to Pen's CaveThe entrance to Pen's Cave
The entrance to Pen's Cave

How did the Inca's carve this? Hard work I guess!
Does this look like an entrance to you?Does this look like an entrance to you?
Does this look like an entrance to you?

The entrance to the little hidden temple on the seldom used Inca trail that a few of us took as a diversion from the main one.
Indiana Temple of IncaIndiana Temple of Inca
Indiana Temple of Inca

This was the small temple built into the cliff/rock
Indiana JungleIndiana Jungle
Indiana Jungle

The jungle and path around the entrance to the temple
More wild flowersMore wild flowers
More wild flowers

I thought these were very pretty
Greenery everywhereGreenery everywhere
Greenery everywhere

It's called a jungle because there is greenery everywhere, there's even greenery growing on the greenery!
Farty ArtyFarty Arty
Farty Arty

One of the many butterflies in the jungle

What can you say, the Inca civilisation were extremely intelligent race of people. The water still runs into this bath. Amazing!
Intelligence flowsIntelligence flows
Intelligence flows

The water flowed into this canal after it came out of the first wee falls
Stairs to the heartStairs to the heart
Stairs to the heart

The staircase up to the hear shaped ruin
Down we goDown we go
Down we go

The descent down from the heart shaped ruin
My little caveMy little cave
My little cave

On the way down to a shower!
Terraced viewTerraced view
Terraced view

There was about 200 feet of terraces, or more? They were used to grow various vegetables, and as retaining walls to prevent landslides.
Terrace upTerrace up
Terrace up

The view looking up from the bottom of the terraces, just the first level mind you.
There be eggs?There be eggs?
There be eggs?

Hmmm, is this spider dinner for the wasp? Or worse are there eggs inside it now that will eat there way out of the spider?
The Waya WankaThe Waya Wanka
The Waya Wanka

Or something like that, this ruin was very impressive, and sadly it was rumoured to have a secret stone door that I didn't get to see.

29th October 2009

Hey guys - great blog - brings back lots of amazing memories! Let's do it again! ;-) x

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