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May 1st 2008
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Market DayMarket DayMarket Day

Entrance to the market near our houses...
It's a holiday today in Cusco and it probably is all around the world. For the first time in 6 years I got a day off to celebrate my birthday - wahoo.. It all started with a lovely lay in bed this morning until 9am - absolute luxury.

The plan today, was to meet up with Liz, we decided to try out a market which rumor has it sold all the trekkers gear and more, it's not far at all from our houses and a great market 'Mercado Moleno'. Within minutes of getting there we found the backpacks we were looking for and I found my hiking boots - bargin at I think about 10 UKP!!!! This market is cheap and lots to find here, bought some great quality dvds (I know its not good to support this) but I've been missing watching movies and the selection they have is phenomenal and at 4 Soles each with an even possible 3 soles if your a super barginer! For those who haven't seen it yet, would highly recommend, "BELLA" with Eduardo Verastegul / Tammy Blanchard and "ONCE" with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - amazing meaningful well made films!! The market
Drink Stop..Drink Stop..Drink Stop..

Exhuasting shopping you know! Stopped off to have the local drink of mate and mine not sure but tasted like picture to show you!
is cheap and cheerful and its the height of hustle and bustle, loved it as we didnt get hassled and everyone was there to make their buck or two. Did however, see my first fried Cuy (guinea pig) MUCH bigger than I thought, they are not the size of a regular pet guinea pig as one would imagine, I would say twice as big, and you can see everything, claws, ears, teeth and even tail...hmmm...this did make me reconsider the fact of ever planning to order Cuy in the near future...bleugggghhhh...!!!

Although I had planned my big trip to the Colca Canyon this wasn't until the weekend, so as it was a Thursday Liz took me for chocolates and coffee. Its a small shop called "Chocolate" on Calle Choquenchaca - the yummiest choccies in the city and I think the owners are Japanese/Peruvian and their children work in there two girls - gorgeous mix!! So we both indulged in quite a few chocolates of all different flavors, both agreeing that the chocolate truffle was probably the best. (I did think of you Sharon - This is a place I would love to take you to 😊

The evening finished with a special dinner my host family had prepared for me, starting with Pisac Sour - a local drink which consists of Pisac (local alcohol), egg white and lemon all blended up to make a tasty refreshing drink - be warned, this is a drink that creeps up on you very slowly and hits you like a ton of bricks after a unforeseen time! Hangover is also very possible! Dinner was a speciah dish called 'Princessa de Pollo' - Princess Chicken to you....jejejej...did make me laugh as my mother always reminds me I am a Princess, desert was a birthday cake - all in all a lovely day with good company and great food...

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A stone to assist in chopping...A stone to assist in chopping...
A stone to assist in chopping...

A most interesting lady, really old and she is permanently hunched like this, she was chopping chicken and guinea pig, and preparing a hearty dish with Mais...

Just couldn't help ourselves one after the other....brrrrrp!!

Need I say anything?????......
Pollo PrincessaPollo Princessa
Pollo Princessa

Fit for a Princess - dinner is served!
Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Papa Dany y Hermano Franklin....

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