today I used a squat toilet and became an aunty again

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September 6th 2011
Published: September 7th 2011
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Firstly congratulations to my brother and nic for the arrival of another (ginger) baby girl.
Today i did the sacred valley tour which pretty much involved going to lots of different ruins. Now if you explain one lot of ruins you have pretty much explained them all but i guess its just one of those things you have to be there, all of them really are magnificent. I love Peru its awesome even the scenery whilst driving from place to place is just spectacular. I made a few new friends today from Argentina they were on my tour bus one in particular took a bit of a shine to me and was following me everywhere taking photos which for 5 mins was ok but got a bit tiresome after 6 hours. I think his heart was in the right place though and I´ve decided to make argentina my next trip possibly next year because they were fit!!!
The pictures i havereally dont do the place justice all i can say is that everyone has got to go to peru, after undertaking a strict fitness regime!
Nature called at one of the ruins andi really needed a wee so i followed the signs for the toilets and to my horror they were squat toilets... not good. But i managed. What shockedme most was the place where you put your feet were way to close together!
I had the scariest part of my trip today too at the top of one of the ruins ollyantambo which was the nicest there was a dodgy looking man stood and i kid you not with a massive machete, im not kidding i was proper scared i had visions of him being some loon that came to the inca ruins to sacrifice someone to the gods i was probably being paranoid but even so i stratigically place Sergio my new argentinian friend between him and me. No one got their head chopped offso all was good. Going outfor dinner now with some American girls, goingto try not to get too drunk as am going rafting at 8am whoop whoop x


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