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September 7th 2011
Published: September 7th 2011
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Dinner last nightwas awesome, we went to this really cool restauraunt whos only fult was the shitty techno they had playing in the background. We ate well I had Yukas for the first time which are just osh chips basically and sticky fig pudding with butterscotch sauce and themost amazing coffee iv ever had it was coffee chocolate kahlula and some other alcohol it came to 50 soles which is just over a tenner but mega expensive over here could have got 2 nights accomodation for that!

This morning I set off to go whitewater rafting, to be honest i was dissapointed partly because no one died. The rapids are supposedly a level 3, 5 being the highest but i couldnt even muster a óooh´or a whooooo ifyou know what i mean. It was nice dont get me wrong we went through a hugh valley and passed by inca terraces and ruins and cliffs all good but i wanted a bit of action!!! We got back in to town and saw that there was a carnival going on so i dumped my stuff in the hostel and headed back in to town via a crappy museum... the most interesting thingsin there being the mummies and a small exhibit showing how they used to do brain surgery in inca times with a collection of skulls with massive holes in apparently 65 percent survived... god knows how. They also had a bit inthere showin how they used to deform babies skulls using belts and stuff because apparently it was attractive, very wierd. An interesting thing from the rafting was there were freak floods a few yearsago and it washed away whole villages, but all the places the incas built were completely untouched. There was even a modern wall built like the incas would build that went too.
Anyway i headed in to town to see the carnival and it was amazing,everybody was singing and dancing i just had a massive grin on my face, the music and whistles were deafening but it all added to the athmosphere if i could bottle it up and sell it id be a millionaire. In my opinion it pissed all over Notting hill it was just great. Im just waiting for my guide for the inca trail to come and meet me in my hostel to tell me all the gory details about the next 4 days, i´ll be honest Im dreading it. I think its going to kill me. I probably wontbe writing for4days but you know if i dont write after that then the mountain defeated me. Goodbye everyone xxx


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