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January 26th 2008
Published: January 28th 2008
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Hey, Friday night just after a full day tour of Sacred Valley - visited Inca ruins similar to Machu Picchu but not as big or well preserved or impressive. Had two mini hikes during the day up huge rough steps (will be very similar to the 65km or so on the Inca Trail) and oh my god was I worried about the state of my fitness after the first one... ouch! But found the second one much easier and was not so out of breath! Please, please, please let it not lash rain the entire time... three nights camping and four days hiking.... can you imagine doing that wet and cold..... oh oh big time! I´m just a spoilt chicken, will be fine I´m sure (have heard so many horror stories of food poisioning and stomach bugs during the entire hike... flu´s and bad colds at the end.... Anyway, I´m trying to be optimistic and think the sun will shine the entire time and we will have a gourmet cook! And good strong stomachs!

Anyways... The Sacred Valley was great, I loved it. The weather was perfect - shorts and teeshirts. Bought a few traditional garments hand woven so I look so much like a gringo now you would laugh! Ah well, anything for a change, 10 weeks of a limited wardrobe would drive anyone to itchy hand knit jumpers!

Heading on the town tonight as will have to be in bed early the two nights prior to the trail.....


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