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January 23rd 2008
Published: January 23rd 2008
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Took a bus from Copa across the border, very smooth and quick process. Bus conductor took it upon himself to "find" us a hotel.... even jumped in the taxi with us and helped with the bags in. It was very basic but really close to the main plaza so did the job - was only $10 for the ensuite room with tv so how bad? The very helpful conductor was downstairs to help us check in, also signed us up for all day tour of the reed islands the next day and overnight bus to Cusco!!!! He did well out of us but we were delighted not to have to wander around to sort things out. Went out for yummy dinner and had early night as had to be in reception for 6.45 the next morning.
The reed islands are floating islands made from reeds..... there are some native people still living on them. Very friendly and geared for the tourists but not in a sickening way. Ate some reed & some strange bread on the island. Was interesting. Went on then to Taquile Island for stiff hike (altitude is still very high, ouch!) and then lunch (more yummy trout) and then down 500 steep, rough steps to the port.... My legs were shaking uncontrollably...... I mean serious twitching..... made me laugh uncontrollable... so I basically looked like a total mad woman! Boat journey home was slow going and then boom.... the skies darkened and the heavens opened... mad forked lightening, torrential rain... was amazing to see but everyone on the boat were nervous.... the poor driver could not see a foot in front of him and there were lots of other tour boats shooting madly across our path.... scary.
Anyway made it to port safely and mad dash to mini bus back to town centre. We went to lovely pizza place and actually sat in front of the pizza oven fire to dry off.
Caught overnight bus at 8pm - in the front two seats so happy days... lots of leg room..... BUT as soon as the bus pulled out, a torrent of brown peucky smelling water fell on top of the two of us.... It was awful, then an entire family (Mammy, Daddy, Baby and big brother - about 8) piled into the two seats opposite us.... thought it would be total nightmare trip... threw out raincoats over us and the family were quiet so not too bad afterall. Arrived into Cusco at 3am???? Crazy time, however hostel were super and gave us our room straight away. Hostal is nice right off the main plaza.
Booked the Inca Trail starting next Tuesday for four days and three nights... will be torture I´ve been told... but hopefully worth it! Have been lazy but plan to do a few hikes in the next few days and also Sacred Valley.
Have found great restaurant that do amazing breakfasts so happy out!
Weather is so so, rainy season so can´t complain. Hope all well in Ireland. Lx


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