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February 15th 2009
Published: February 15th 2009
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*clapping hands* I did it! Got over my nervousness of going alone to local bus station and traveling on crowded bus to Pisaq. Once I figured where to line up, I had my money ready for the bus ticket. I didn´t have to say a word; when the clerk saw my blue eyes he said ´Pisac´and I said ´si´and paid my three soles for a window seat. 3 soles is about $1:25 and for that you drive through bea... Read Full Entry

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Cusco belowCusco below
Cusco below

View from bus as we drove out of Cusco. I saw football stadium, which surprised me.

Here is the front of the statue from yesterday´s blog. Guess I was too tired to walk around to see the water side.

Lunch at a Peruvian restaurant began with mango shake and a cheese omlette.

Followed by a stuffed hot pepper. Delicious. The tuber vegetable is yuca and it was creamy with a bit of taste. The bowl has roasted corn kernals.
Music at nightMusic at night
Music at night

Bands were playing in Plaza
Lit UpLit Up
Lit Up

Both churches and pubs were lit up
British IconBritish Icon
British Icon

Note what is stored in the phonebox.

24th February 2009

jungle crystals
What you bought was a quartz geode. Quartz forms inside balls of mother rock called a geode. When you crack the geode open it is filled with crystals of quartz. If it is purple, it is amethyst, if it is clear, it is rock quartz, etc. Quartz is very abundant in s. america, so it probaly is from the peruvian jungle.
19th April 2018

When i am there I call your guiding spirit
20th April 2018

Later, when trying to fly out of Peru, I was stopped at the airport and three levels of police were in the room when they searched my luggage. They saw the fossil that I bought at Pisqa market on xray maching, and seized it, and lectured me that it was legal to buy the fossil, but illegal to take it out of the country. !!!! I was so outraged by the set up, telling them to check the photos on my phone to see the fossils laid out on market tables. They shrugged it off... I signed papers (think to say that I'd never try to take out artefects from Peru) and I got on Air Canada plane thinking that once again, the touristica-con artitst-government systems were set up to rip off tourists.

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