My Eyes Bloodshot, but My Jet Don't Lag (Inca Trail Day 1)

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January 9th 2016
Published: January 20th 2016
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Day one of four has officially been completed of the Machu Pitcchu Trek, and boy is it gorgeous! I’ve done many hikes in my day, but this one takes the cake as far as scenery is concerned! The group I am going with is nice. Five of the six of them are from the Scandinavian regions. Two from Norway, two from Sweeden and one from Denmark. All around my age. I have to say, I am quite envious of how many days they get off work to travel. They are all so happy. Very different from the demanding work schedule America provides. No wonder America has such a depression problem.

Our first base camp is nice. Cold, but nice. It kind of reminds me of why I don’t go camping. Everything is rented, which means everything has the faint stench of a stranger’s sweat, but — views are great! I’m really nervous about tomorrow, up hill the whole seven hours. Today I was already lagging behind the group. These damn short legs of mine are no match to the Scandinavian tree trunks they are all walking on. Oh well, I’ll just be in the back, listening to my solar charged cell phone with my music and podcasts. I did forget to download more podcasts though, but I do have three unheard episodes of Serial Season Two to listen to. I’m sure the sweet, soothing voice of Sarah Koenig can get me through the hard climb tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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