Uphill, Both Ways (Inca Trail Day 2)

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January 10th 2016
Published: January 20th 2016
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Oh my, today was a tough one. Uphill, caring my backpack for seven hours. It was extremely challenging. I spend most of it along because I walk so slow compared to my freakishly tall comrades. I can’t wait to get there. Even though today was the “most difficult day” due to the verticalness, tomorrow we are actually walking further. Just not as steep. It will be nine hours, and mostly straight down. My knees hate me already.

Oh! I forgot to mention, Mom and Dad knew about the Ayahuasca ceremony. After my mom demanded to know what “overnight mountain tour” I was going on, I just told her “Etnikas” not expecting her to look into it further.

Duh, she looked into it.

I have to say, I am very impressed with them! They were more curious and positive about the whole experience than negative and judgey. Thanks to the five stars on Trip Advisor, they weren’t nearly as worried for my life as I thought. Now if only they can carry that serene feeling towards everything I do…well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

My solar charger and iPhone have been saving my sanity during the hike. I’m just so mad at myself I forgot to download more podcasts! I think I only have like four hours work of unlistened to podcasts. When I actually have like 15 more hours of hiking. I guess the sounds of sweet sweet nature have to suffice…crud.

Hah, just kidding…kinda.

I booked my Inca Trail with Bamba Experience which mostly caters towards the Scandinavian folk I learned. I’m one of the very few Americans that go with Bamba. It might sound terrible, but I’m starting to miss my own kind a little bit. The very few times I do catch up to the group, it seems the topic of conversation is always the weather.

They are good, the guide is very knowledgable. The cook makes good food too. I’m just so impressed at how much accommodation those porters carry up and down the mountain. They fly with huge huge packs full with tents, food, and pretty much whatever else we need.

I’m going to take a little siesta now before dinner, my body needs it!

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