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May 12th 2007
Published: May 12th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Then we decide to go out. And I end up doing this for the next fortnight. Oh dear. Flanked by Danes #1 & #2, who we met atop of Wayna Picchu, we then add 3, 4 and 5 later and hit the clubs.

"Mama Africas"- dire, "Mythology"- dire, but that didnt seem to matter, free drinks and happy hour at the hostel make it bareable. Its all going well and then "Uptown"- dire but with a racist edge. Hence my Star of David mention in an earlier blog............

The accidental knocking of shoulders with an Israli girl in the toilets should be a drunken accident not an excuse to be surrounded by 6 girls, one of which trying to hit you to the words, "negra, negra." Up until now I had not committed to the common traveller theme of disliking Isralis due to their antisocial, pack mentality attitude and aire of superiority which seems to follow, but im tempted to change my mind. But in true Hollywood style, I dodge the fists and im outa there pronto for what turns out to be one of our best nights out with the aptly titled, "Crazy Danes," who have a strange penchant for falafel?!

We do no more than this for 2 weeks until it is time for George to leave me. And off to La Paz we go after a fare share of tearful farewells.........


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