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March 10th 2011
Published: March 10th 2011
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Hello everyone!
We have been living in a rainforest for a month without any communication, and it has been great. We are currently en-route to the Yasuni National Park and we have and couple of hours in the town of Coca. We have both learned lots about this precious ecosystem and have both came to love it very much. We will send you an more indepth blog about rainforest life but as we are short on time and cannot upload any pictures of the snakes and spiders and poisonous frogs we will send you some pics that we down loaded in Peru.

T and D

Additional photos below
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Freshly squeezed juices up the mountainFreshly squeezed juices up the mountain
Freshly squeezed juices up the mountain

This is the juice that made 3 of us ill....lessons learned...
Market in CuscoMarket in Cusco
Market in Cusco

Mushrooms, we think.
Freshly squeezed juicesFreshly squeezed juices
Freshly squeezed juices

in the Cusco Market
Cheese section or QuesoCheese section or Queso
Cheese section or Queso

in the Cusco Market
A walk in the countrysideA walk in the countryside
A walk in the countryside

admiring the many ruins, hills, animals and houses...

commonly used for transporting things to market
a crowd of happy Peruviansa crowd of happy Peruvians
a crowd of happy Peruvians

as they were entertained in Plaza de San Francisco, Cusco
Soldiers exit the plazaSoldiers exit the plaza
Soldiers exit the plaza

after performing Happy Birthday to the General

10th March 2011

no bite
I am glad you did not get bitten with those huge snake, Boy you two are sure travelling a lot and learning so many things, Are you going to retire soon??? LOVE, MOM
10th March 2011

Hi Dave, Need some toilet paper??? that is so funny!!! hope nobody walks by when you have to puuuuuush, Ha Ha!!! Have a great time
18th March 2011

Love that cheeky llama!!
26th March 2011

You two globe trotters have me drooling over those pictures...uh, ok..... except for Dave's photos sitting on the toilet :) I'm so happy for you 2. To take the opportunity to trip around and amass a little culture, history and witness God's really green Earth is something that you will relish and share for years to come. Proud of you both, honored to be on your Christmas list! Bravo.......wish I was there. Safe travels.......glad you didn't get eaten by a big poisonous frog :) When are you on your way back?
27th March 2011

re: jealous
Hey T-Bo! Thanks! Yes, we managed to avoid the poisonous creatures! yay! If we did get bitten, it would have been a 30min to 2 hour canoe ride or a very bumpy road ride of 2-4 hours to get to the nearest hospital! After this Christmas and all of your wonderful hospitality, and great food, you are permanently on our Christmas list. Love T

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