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March 9th 2016
Published: March 11th 2016
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Took a taxi to a recommended Peruvian restaurant and it was great; musicians playing pipes and those little guitars had us all jiving on our seats. Ed quite forgot where he was and began to jive at the table, that lad has good Latin rthymn. Ed and Hat both tried new food and enjoyed their meals. The roccola (stuffed peppers) were excellent.
On 20 mins walk back to our hotel we bought a tennis ball and in the gardens of the hotel we did a games lesson. This consisted of catch and then we did target practice to see who could get the ball into the mouth of an enormous pottery urns. The urn was so big in fact that both kids could climb inside at the same time, like Ali Baba. Hat and Ed were roaring with laughter and described it as the best PE lesson ever. That's the sort of comment that makes all the hard work planning the trip worthwhile.
This morning we had our first family 'Chinese parliament' to discuss any changes that any of us wanted to make after the experiences of the first six days of Tge Little Tin Roof Tour. Hat asked to see more cultural stuff, try new foods and have more family time. Ed asked to play more games and to help each other to pack the backpacks. Cas asked for more air conditioned hotels with pools and more routine for the kids. I asked for less consecutive days travelling and less hours on the road. One of the potential implications is that we are considering the possibility of just touring the North Island in New Zealand and taking out Mount Bromo in Indonesia.


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