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August 22nd 2011
Published: August 22nd 2011
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Minus 15 sleeping bags worked a treat and we slept well, waking before dawn to see if we could see any of the meteorites, It was bloody freezing and the tent was covered in ice, JD stayed out for a while looking at the sky whilst I scampered back to my downy sleeping bag like a scalded cat and had another hours kip. Dawn emerged from behind the mountains throwing orange hues in streaks across the ... Read Full Entry

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They hung the lambs up the tree to keep the dogs away, It was too cold for flies.

Gracie and Nicole

22nd August 2011

Ah! this is a great image captured!
Loved it! The blog and your beautiful pictures. Traveling this way (staying with locals) has always been my favourite mode. Thanks for sharing it!
22nd August 2011
This was a precautionary measure.

Yay for duct tape!
I too have found duct tape very handy when hiking! Thought it was a Canadian thing. Guess not.
22nd August 2011

It was so cool, We are going up again next weekend as Veloiz has promised some pretty, of the tourist track sightseeing and his mum has insisted we come up for a special cuy feast. Hope your good Andrea as always still enjoying your humorous rambles.
22nd August 2011

duct tape
I keep a length of it wrapped around my water bottle, It is a miracle invention.
23rd August 2011

and recorded your time with an Andean family...well done. Happy times thus recorded for posterity...sometimes a touch with the simple life can be the most rewarding.
23rd August 2011

25th August 2011

Beautiful writing + great photos
I so enjoy your blogs as I live vicariously through you,..... keep up the inspired writing and photos,...miss you muchisimo,...love you mas! Take care!
25th August 2011

Love ya right back big bro, missing ya xxx

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