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South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz November 26th 2014

Hola Amigos ! Je quitte donc la jungle amazonienne pour rejoindre la ville de Huaraz, dans la cordillère blanche. Je vous assure que de quitter Iquitos et ses 35° pour arriver au petit matin à Huaraz à 3200m d’altitude et ses sept petits degrés ça fait vraiment tout drôle ! Un peu fatigué par tous ces déplacements, je pensais me reposer un peu avant d’attaquer les randonnées dans la montagne. J’ai quand même profité de ma première journée pour me balader dans Huaraz. C’est vraiment une ville avec beaucoup de charme, il y a un niveau de vie assez élevé pour le Pérou grâce au tourisme, il y a beaucoup de petites places vraiment sympas et quelque soit l’endroit où l’on se trouve on voit les sommets enneigés qui surplombent la ville. Lorsque je suis rentré ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park August 28th 2014

We took a day bus from Lima to the city of Huaraz up in the Andes, through some stunning scenery before arriving in the dark. Huaraz has great views of the Corderilla Blanca and the Corderilla Negra. From our room we looked out over the Corderilla Negra and the local market. It was a great spot for people watching as the locals went about their daily business buying what they need from the ladies sitting by the side of the street. There was even childrens rides like a carousel for the locals to use. We decided to take our first day a bit easy as we were back at altitude after being at sea level for the previous week. Our first trip was to Pastoruri glacier, this only included a short walk so was good for ... read more
Laguna 69
On the walk back from Laguna 69

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 21st 2014

Even after hiking around many mountains in the world there is a serious ‘wow’ factor when seeing the Cordillera Blanca range surrounding Huaraz. I was fortunate to have this destination on my radar due to a Peruvian friend and her sharing wonderful pictures and reports of her hikes. On my first trip to Peru twelve years ago I didn’t even know this place existed as I was centrally focused on what most tourists think about coming to Peru – Machu Picchu. Well, I must say that trekking around Huaraz deserves equal billing in Peru. Thankfully, prices haven’t risen like they have in Cusco over the last decade so you can still sneak in a very affordable visit here. With the exception of some nice restaurants, it is not the city of Huaraz itself that stands out ... read more
Churup Lake
View of Artesonaju on Day 3 Santa Cruz trek
Camp for the 3rd night of Santa Cruz with Artesonraju in background

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz April 8th 2014

Sunday 6th April (Odyssey Day 149) Breakfast was set for 0700 and the whole of cook group was there early for a change! My new group is Group 4, consisting of myself, Mike, Hannah and Bartley this time. No complaints from me, it’s a good group. Packing our stuff back into the truck, Simon managed to get our bowls back from the Tucan cook tent and while there, stuck an Odyssey sticker on a pot. Hannah then put one under their trestle table and our group found it absolutely hilarious. Nothing quite like showing your maturity, hey? We got going at 0800 and today we head for Huaraz. To get there we headed off down the coast for quite a way before turning inland. Then we headed away from the coastal plains and over some rather ... read more
Travel Day

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz March 16th 2014

Another early morning arrival, another town and it was once again time to kick off the flip flops and get out the fleeces, waterproofs and hiking shoes. We had arrived in Huaraz; gateway town to the Cordillera Blanca which is home to some of the highest and most spectacular peaks in Peru. Still half asleep from the overnight journey, we stumbled off the bus and into a taxi which took us five minutes around the corner to our hostel. With Gem's belly still not quite right we decided it was about time to see a doctor. Once we had both done our best mime act of a person with diarrhoea to the lady in our hostel, the penny finally dropped and she understood what we were getting at. A couple of hours later, with briefcase in ... read more
Cordillera Blanca
Parting of the clouds...

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz December 5th 2013

Inmiddels ben ik weer in Peru en heb helaas afscheid moeten nemen van Bolivia... Wat is dat een mooi land, zo divers! Maar Peru heeft gelukkig ook z´n voordelen: lekker eten en veel beter internet :) Na mijn laatste blog ben ik nog even naar 5300 meter geweest en heb ik op ´s werelds meest gevaarlijke weg gefietst. Maar eerst nog wat hoogtepunten waar ik de vorige keer niet aan toe was gekomen. In Sucre (waar ik de vorige keer over schreef) heb ik Laurie (Engeland) en Oscar (Switserland) ontmoet. Met z´n drietjes zijn we naar Potosí gereisd om de zilvermijnen te bezoeken. In de mijnen van de berg zijn sinds 1500 naar schatting 8 miljoen mannen gestorven tijdens hun werk. De mijnwerkers moeten al hun spullen zelf kopen, dus onze gids zette ons eerst af ... read more
Witches market in La Paz
Onze Death Road groep

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park July 21st 2013

Départ de Trujillo à 05h30, comme prévu. Changement de bus pour Huaraz vers 08h30. Il était facile de somnoler jusqu'à ce qu'un vendeur d'encyclopédies muni d'un haut-parleur nous enlève tout espoir de sommeil... En nous réveillant, nous ouvrons les yeux sur un paysage magnifique, mais cela a un prix : nous frôlons les ravins, et même en passant la tête par la fenêtre, il est difficile de distinguer 5cm de la route. Lorsque le bus arrive au terminus, nous cherchons l'hôtel, mais comprenons au bout de 30min que ... nous ne sommes pas à Huaraz ! C'est donc parti pour un nouveau bus pour arriver 1h plus tard à Huaraz. Le lendemain, réveil vers 08h30 avec l'intention de partir en rando à la Laguna 69, mais nous apprenons pendant le petit dej qu'il fallait se réveiller ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz June 14th 2013

We were abruptly woken as the lights of our night bus were turned on and our blankets taken from us. We were somewhere near Huaraz but it was very dark still. Somehow our bus had managed to arrived 2 hours early and it was now 5.40 in the morning. As we stepped off the bus we suddenly realized how under dressed we were for the bitter cold morning of Huataz. We quickly entered the very open and cold bus station before ripping our bags open and frantically putting on every article of clothing we owned at once. It was still not enough though and we were left shivering whilst we waited for the sun to come up. Some hours later we were finally in a taxi headed to our hostel Monkeywasi. Our first glimpse of Huaraz ... read more
Buying gloves
The Glacier

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park May 28th 2013

Hey, We are looking to find out what is the best/easiest way to get from Huaraz in Peru to Leticia in Colombia. My understanding is that this isn't the most accessible area and can only be reached via boat or air. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about this? Regards, Seán... read more

Atsikeliu 5.30, pasitikrinu kuprines ar viską pasiėmiau, papusryčiauju ir laukiu kol atvažiuos autobusiukas manes paimti. Netrukus su langais papypsina atvažiaves mikriukas, tad išbėgu į lauką. Pasirodo šis ne pas mane. Didžiąją kuprinę pasidedu į saugojimo kambariuką ir netrukus sulaukiu savojo autobusiuko. Kompanija idomi, 6 izraeliečiai, 2 britai, australas ir mergina iš naujosios zelandijos. Iš ryto visi nelabai kalbūs, gal tik išskyrus izrealiečius. Važiuojam apie valandą iki kito miestelio. Čia kas nori gali papusryčiaut kavinėj ar nusipirkti užkandžių parduotuvėj. Čia praleidžiam dar valandą ir važiuojam iki kaimelio iš kurio pradedam savo žygį. Čia mūsų jau laukia 4 asilai ant kurių sukraunami visi daigtai... palapinės, miegmaišiai, maistas. Čia nacionalinis parkas, tad prie įėjimo dar tenka papildomai susimokėti. Netrukus įlendam ... read more

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