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September 10th 2007
Published: September 10th 2007
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Hey All, I have not had much access to a computer recently. I am now in a beautiful mountainous region called Huaraz. From Cusco, I took a 20 hour bus ride with my friend Natalie (the aussie girl) to Lima where we stayed with Paola for a couple of days. We did not do too much exciting stuff, but we did go to a cool water fountain park the night we left. It was cool fountains with light shows to music and what not. (pictures to follow) Then she and I left on a 9 hour bus ride to Huaraz. Upon arrival I signed up for a 4 day trek in the Cordillera Blanca mountains called the Santa Cruz Trek. It was gorgeous and the pictures are amazing. Afterwards, I headed back into the mountains to a lodge called The Way Inn Lodge to meet up with Natalie because she is working there for the next month. Being here really reminds me of Colorado because there are beautiful mountains in almost every direction. I have spent a few days here, and although a little sick with swollen tonsils I have fallen in love. I have now been given a job here working as a bar help/cook at the lodge for the next month or so. It provides me with free lodging and great food. I will be staying here until the wet season comes and then off to the jungle. The lodge does not have internet access, so it might be a while before you get to see any of my pictures. Just know that I am having fun. Check out the lodge┬┤s website

As for now there are no pictures. Internet access is slow and the USB ports are crap. As soon as I find a better place and some time. Ill get the 100 some odd photos to you. Take care. GO CU! GO SC!

love you all.



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