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July 7th 2008
Published: July 7th 2008
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Parque Lineal en frente de Catolica
I learned that in Hindu my name means Yes No. How coincidental. Also, Geena means to live. I have been called cynical by my classmates, but they assure me it´s not a bad thing. Today though, I am miserable and cynical and angrily apathetic. That´s not an oxymoron.

I DESPISE MY GRAMMAR CLASS. It´s like teachings toddler comma use. I don´t know enough Spanish to be taught how to use all the grammar correctly, in Spanish let alone. Uggh. I don´t need these credits and I want to just drop the morning class so I can spend time in the city like I was hoping I would be able to during this trip. I´m not enjoying it the way I thought I would. Just the school part sucks. There is so much to do here, so many people who I can talk to, so many cultural sites... I just don´t have the time to do them because I am at school until 6 and then doing homework until I pass out, which doesn´t even mean it´s finished. They take school way too seriously here. It´s my summer!! I will definitely come back, but to work or volunteer.

Yesterday we

rocky beach. it was cooler to actually be there
went to Salinas beach. It´s at the very tip of the country and quite nice. The local all say it´s cold there, but to a Ner Jersian it´s perfect. The water is a good temperature now and they say it´s warm in the winter (their hot season). It´s hard to relax there though because people are soliciting all over the beach to buy their stuff. We had a driver for the day ($20 pp) and he took us to a Naval Base beach as well where there were no people other than the surfers. Awesome shells and rocks and such. We chased the crabs and I got bit by one holding it. It made me bleed! I threw him. The rocks look like they are moving because there are so many crabs on them. Really a neat thing to see. Being someone who lives by the beach makes it hard to appreciate them, but this was pretty wonderous. I got a wicked sunburn even though it was cloudy, but I am brown now. My neck still hurts though. Luckily I had my clothes on the whole time, not a bathing suit. We left earlier than planned because some people were

My floor of the house (shared with Kelly)
bored and got home by 6. I bought Pizza (craving American food) and bought a phone card for my Ecuadorian cell phone. Soooo confusing.

Salsa!! Friday night Veronica, Dayne, Liz and I went to a club called Atta Lounge and it was pretty awesome. Ecuadorian start dancing and just never stop. We didn´t get there until about 11:30 because us girls went to Veronica´s for clothes and came home at 3. I salsaed and it was totally amazing. I got to spin and do fancy stuff with my arms and felt like I was on that TV show. A lot of fun and I can´t wait to go again.

Also, I finally figured out my way home without getting lost. Yesss!! Still takes about 45 minutes but it´s much nicer and safer. I´m going to find postcards soon so I can send them out. Miss you home! Tell UCSG to stop being so mean to me.

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La CamaLa Cama
La Cama

My termite free (mostly) bedroom.

11th July 2008

Hey Gina! Sounds like you're having a pretty interesting time. Believe me - you're not missing much in New Jersey. The humidity's been so high lately it's been getting everyone sick. The 4th of July was okay, but again, you didn't miss much. I went to the fireworks at Oak Glenn and some creep hit on me. Ugh. What a creeper. It's so random with the Abe Lincoln statue you mentioned last post ahaha with the L on his forehead. Today I was checking out the week's forecast so I checked on Ecuador as well, out of cuiosity. I see what you mean though about wanting to check out the local attractions and talk to people rather then be in class. I had to fill out a survey for Haverford yesterday and it asked me all sorts of questions about what language I'll be taking and if I have intentions of studying abroad. I feel like I'd run into the same situation though. Never having really been outside of America, I really want to explore new places and such. I guess that's how you must feel, even if only a little. I don't have much experience with languages though so who knows where I'll end up. I'm not sure 6 years of Latin will carry me too far. The club and dancing sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad that Ecuador itself is really interesting, outside of class, and that you feel really confident with your Spanish. Although those dreams you've mentioned sound kinda sketchy - hopefully they'll stop soon. Anyway, home misses you as well. Hope all is well :) Laura p.s. congrats on getting home without the detour!

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