Day 58 - Fernandina Island:Espinoza Point - Isabela Island:Vicente Roca Point

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December 1st 2018
Published: December 5th 2018
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Overnight we had smoothly navigated to Punta Espinoza, another dry-landing spot on Fernandina Island which is just next to Isabela Island. This location was the land of a thousand iguanas, plus we saw many playful sea lions as well. It was an amazing sight to see so many iguanas all huddled together on various rocks near the shore.

After returning to the boat there was a snorkeling session near the rocky shore and the conditions were challenging. Unfortunately, Daisy ran into trouble when she got caught in a reef with waves crashing in. Fabian had warned everyone to get out but Daisy didn’t manage to get out in time and was thrown around onto the rocks and injured her thigh quite badly and cut her foot. Luckily, Florian and Rob saw her and managed to pull her out, but the waves were so strong it took her goggles and snorkel off her head. When they all returned she hid from me and went straight to our cabin. I was wondering where she was and went to our cabin but hadn’t noticed she had already left it and I just saw her wetsuit on the bathroom floor. When I came back out I saw her lying on the seat being treated by Dr Steph. She had a large hematoma on her left thigh and had difficulty walking. When she had to get back in the cabin, the guys lifted her up onto the ladder.

After they returned it was lunch time and a two hour navigation to Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela Island, where there was another snorkeling session, then a short boat ride. Even with one leg, Daisy managed to get onto the Zodiac, our small raft boat, to go around the island looking at the sea life and the geological history of the island.

The 10 hour navigation around the top of Isabela Island to Santiago Island started as soon as everyone returned on the boat and even though it was fairly bumpy, we felt OK so perhaps we have our sea legs now. Briefing and dinner was served at the usual time of 19:00 and we had no problems eating on the rocky seas.

Dr Steph, recommended Neurophen and Panadol for Daisy, before a good night’s sleep. Pretty lucky we had 2 doctors on board – Dr Steph and Dr Rob bandaged her off and sent her to bed after dinner. Very grateful for rescuing Daisy and making sure she was alright. We went to our cabin straight after dinner at 19:30 and we both started feeling nauseous so got into bed as soon as possible. Luckily, we both feel much better once we get into bed despite the rocky seas and we quickly fell asleep.

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