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August 18th 2007
Published: September 21st 2007
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Where In The World Are We?

This country full of snow-capped volcanoes is the beginning of the South America we know from TV. Descendents of Indians everywhere put on their traditional costumes not just for the church days but also for everyday life. Due to the mountainous character of their country they are bit colder and introverted but still keep to the South American standards.

After the inflation reached shocking numbers, the Ecuadorian government decided to change the country’s currency from their pesos to US dollars - a pretty strange move for a country in patriotic South America. So instead of the usual freedom fighters and writers, we were going shopping with Abraham Lincoln. It made the country a little bit more expensive than expected, but still within our budget - that was only ruined by Galapagos, which is a different story.

Ecuador didn’t want us to leave without remembering it for something special, so on our last night there it shook the land to say good bye to us. Probably just a small after-shock from the Peruvian earthquake, but it sure freaked out some people, and one couple who we met, despite paying for a hotel room already, ended up spending the whole night in panic in their car! We were so busy eating, drinking and chatting with our new friends (the owner of the overnight carpark - an ex-Colombian, who was born to a coke-growing family and was raised by guerillas - and his Ecuadorian wife) that we didn’t even feel a thing. It was only when the petrified couple came back to the carpark to sleep in their car that we realized all the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking like crazy. The next morning on the news we found out that there was a level 4.7 earthquake with the epicentre right where we were!

Odometer at start: 33 900 km
Odometer now: 47 987 km

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Ecuador Fashion Ecuador Fashion
Ecuador Fashion

Shopping for warmer clothes in South America’s largest market.
Ecuador Fashion Ecuador Fashion
Ecuador Fashion

What awesome conditioner do these guys use?
Our Bodyguards Our Bodyguards
Our Bodyguards

Our new friends in dangerous Guayaquil recently bought one of the ex-president’s old cars, which of course was completely bullet-proof. If you look carefully you can see the bullet holes on the side of the car, which they did when they were checking the car before buying it!
Local DelicacyLocal Delicacy
Local Delicacy

Red Bananas!? Wtf??
Local SportLocal Sport
Local Sport

Every evening at around sunset the guys in this small town get down to the main square to play their extreme version of tennis/handball.
Nariz del DiabloNariz del Diablo
Nariz del Diablo

South America´s most scenic train ride

30th September 2007

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30th September 2007

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