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South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 14th 2014

I woke up early at 8am despite a late night the night before staying up until 2am packing my things. I was full of excitement at the prospect of visiting South America for the first time and had a few things to sort before I departed. I left the house at midday and went to the shop to pick up some new hiking boots and a mosquito net for the rainforest as well as a medical kit. I had just enough time to sit down to have breakfast at my favourite bakery near the train station. With three hours until my flight I decided to leave, as I was excited to catch my flight to go travelling. However, upon arrival, the day took a turn for the worse. During the check-in, the flight assistant notified me ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 4th 2014

Guayaquil - Day 11 After breakfast, we spent some time on the porch, reviewing our information on Guayaquil. A friendly dog came by and settled down under Bob's hammock. We decided to call a taxi to get to the bus station. Cab fair was cheap, $1.50, and definitely worth not struggling with our luggage. The bus was very prompt, very comfortanle, approximately a 3 hour trip for $6.00. As we got out of Montanita, several little towns had hammocks for sale. We followed the beach for quite a while, just the sand and no structures or people. In Valdivia, supposedly the oldest culture in Ecuador, fishing boats lined the beach. Then passed a few little shacks with tall sunflowers in the yard. Saw a long dock protruding out into the ocean with a big pipe within, ... read more
La Rotunda on the Malecon
Christmas in the mall along river
The tropical garden

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil October 5th 2014

In my previous post I detailed how I ended up flying into Guayaquil instead of Quito. The flighty was shorter than I expected, but longer than my body was prepared to take. After traipsing all over Miami International Airport I was exhausted, but I could not get comfortable enough on the plane to really get any rest. Surprisingly, even though takeoff was at 10:00 pm, around 11:30 they served a light meal. I had the taco salad which was surprisingly good. As we prepared to land, and came down out of the clouds and could see the lights of Guayaquil, the first thing I noticed was a huge lit McDonald's sign. There were also significant fireworks in the distance. I took it as a welcome to Ecuador sign, and indulged the fantasy that they were expressly ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil July 31st 2014

Nous avons profité d'une escale de 4 heures pour faire une visite éclair de la 2ème ville de l’Équateur (mais définitivement pas la 2ème en intérêt touristique!!). L'idée de mes parents a été très bonne. Ils ont appelé un chauffeur de confiance (il faut savoir qu'il y a beaucoup d'insécurité dans cette ville. Par exemple, le père de Sara a été dévalisé il y a quelques années en montant dans un taxi...) pour aller nous chercher à l'aéroport et nous faire une visite guidée express de la ville. Nous avons peu de photos, on vous laisse voir. La luminosité de la ville est très forte malgré la grisaille (on est bien sur l'équateur!). Nous avons supporté un très désagréable climat chaud et humide :-( Les tops de la visite ont été le parc Simon Bolivar, en ... read more
Nevado Cotopaxi
Jardin tropical (Aéroport de Guayaquil)
Jardin japonais à l'aéroport de Guayaquil

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil May 3rd 2014

Sorry there haven't been any blogs for a while. We took a trip back to the States to get our taxes done, go through everything we left at our son Joe's house and of course visit as many friends as we could. It all started with a three and a half hour "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" through the Cajas National Park to get to Guayaquil for our flight to Miami. We were in a van with four other travelers and the driver. He makes this trip twice a day, so he doesn't waste any time. Cuenca sits at 8,500 feet elevation in the Andes Mountains and Guayaquil is at sea level, but you have to go up to 13,000 feet in the park before you descend down to the coast. We left at five PM, so ... read more
Waiting for our flight
Coming into Nashville

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil January 9th 2014

January 6,7,8 - 2014 Travel day from Isla Isabela by speed boat and the usual taxis, transfers etc to the Baltra Island airport through Puerto Ayora and on to Guayaquil. In hindsight, had we known, a better option would have been to take a small plane directly from Isla Isabel to Baltra. ( no need to revisit Puerta Ayora and a shorter travel day with fewer transfers and no 2 hour speed boat ride ) Arrived safe and sound in Guayaquil for nice dinner and a little rest. We can recommend a great restaurant – The Coracol Azul. Great place a short walk from the Oro Verde Hotel we stayed at. Great Hotel. First Class ! Tuesday we spent in Guayaquil. Took a long walk to the river and the “ Malecon” that follows the riverside. ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil November 5th 2013

Today we had the hostel staff call for a van to take us, our two pets and 13 bags to Cuenca. The first van that arrived might have been able to get 6 bags in it. I told them to not even try. About 30 minutes later they sent a much larger van, and we got everything in it except for the two animal crates, which we had to tie to the roof of the van. I did not like this idea as it made us targets. When we stopped for gas before hitting the major road we saw that the crates on the roof were not going to last for long, so we wound up re-arranging everything inside and made room for them. When we were traveling up into the Cajas Mountains I was really ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil November 4th 2013

Sorry, I forgot to list the pictures of the hostel. Here they are.... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil November 4th 2013

Here are some pictures of the hostal we stayed at. We even had a jacuzzi in our bathroom. It is located up in the hills above the town, and about a 20 minute taxi ride down to the center of town. We stayed here for three days and just vegetated. We only went down to Guayaquil for a few hours, just to say we did. It is the largest city in Ecuador and it looked it. Large, noisy, dirty, crowded. We spent a while at the Iguana Park. It is loaded with iguanas of all sizes that are free to roam all around. They even sleep up in the trees. After we left there we went over to river that runs up from the coast. The water was very brown. I would not want to swim ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil October 23rd 2013

Our stay in Guayaquil certainly had less than a perfect start. We had booked our accomodation via AirBnB as usual, and everything seemed smooth up to the point when our host came to open the door seeming confused at our arrival. Lacking a common language (despite our preceding Spanish studies), we weren't at first sure what the issue was, but pretty soon it turned out that our booking on AirBnB was for one week later. The night before I had sent the hosts a message saying we will arrive at 1pm, and they answered they would be waiting for us then, and I even got a booking reminder message from AirBnB that night, so I certainly didn't suspect we were about to arrive one week too early. Quite embarrasing. But, no problem, their room happened to ... read more
one of the many iguanas
representative of an unknown species among all the iguanas
view to the Las Peñas hill

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