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April 30th 2011
Published: April 30th 2011
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this is a respose to the canadian that wrote Ecuador not worth long-term investing.
first of all, I am annoyed that someone who claims to be looking for a new home has decided to negate Ecuador based on a limited experience, PLUS the additional comments he is not interested in Indigenous Cultures ( different cultures from his own) and very apparently restrictive parameters.

There are places the world over for less expensive cost of lifestyle; better weather than perhaps Canada; great surf etc.
The primary problem with such a short-sighted perspective, is that you are unable to acknowledge the fact that you will be in a different culture. The language is different, customs are different, but people the world over are generally sincere and friendly, and welcome conversation and comraderie.
It sounds to me that you are best off looking for an exclusive, all-inclusive resort. You state you have no interest in other cultures nor languages.
You are the type of person that other cultures view as unwelcomed. You come only to save money and have a good time.
I am an American who seeks another country as a home that can afford me a lifestyle that is affordable. so yes, I also have that basic requirement. But I am not so self-absorbed that it would only work in an atmosphere that has thousands of ex-pats which speak my language.
Grow up and realize there is so much more ---that different cultures and peoples, and even language open up new doors of interest, experience, and happiness.
i am in Playas. Have been in canoa taking spanish lessons. I too find that beach towns can be boring, and limiting in what they have to ffer. But there is so much more to see in ecuador, and you didn'y even give this country a chance.
I will be here for 3 months, and to visit, to share, to see what indigenous people have to offer is the basic reason why anyone should take it upon themselves to travel.

I wonder if your daughters were not disappointed in your reluctance to investigate more vibrant, intersting cities while in Ecuador. I will refrain from continuing in this negative perspective. I hope you someday take the chance to see beyond your limited perspective. It is not important to be conversant in other languages as much as the attempt to communicate. body and sign language, expressions work very well if there is no grasp of basic vocabularies. A smile goes on forever.
I am tired of such petty concerns that are characterized by one as yourself who claims he wants to live in another country. Shame on you and your pettiness


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