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South America » Ecuador » West » General Villamil April 30th 2011

this is a respose to the canadian that wrote Ecuador not worth long-term investing. first of all, I am annoyed that someone who claims to be looking for a new home has decided to negate Ecuador based on a limited experience, PLUS the additional comments he is not interested in Indigenous Cultures ( different cultures from his own) and very apparently restrictive parameters. There are places the world over for less expensive cost of lifestyle; better weather than perhaps Canada; great surf etc. The primary problem with such a short-sighted perspective, is that you are unable to acknowledge the fact that you will be in a different culture. The language is different, customs are different, but people the world over are generally sincere and friendly, and welcome conversation and comraderie. It sounds to me that ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » General Villamil April 21st 2007

Finished another gruelling week at work so we took off on the Friday afternoon for the beach. Went to Playas this time as we couldn't face the nine hour trek to Montañita although this one ended up taking seven hours anyway. Arrived late so checked into a hostal which is best described as "muy basico". Went out for food before going back to the hostal which was absolutely boiling inside. Didn't really matter as I managed to fall asleep fully clothed within a few minutes. Woke up to a hot if slightly overcast day and headed off to the beach where we set up camp after having haggled for a parasol and chairs. I went straight into the sea thereby washing off all the carefully applied sun cream (I did not want a repeat of ... read more
Sunset at Playas
Footprints in the sand

South America » Ecuador » West » General Villamil April 20th 2007

Well, last week was boring, and everyone is still ill so i´m not even going to write about it! However, by the weekend, we were all feeling sufficiently better to go for some chilling at the beach!! Off we set from the bus terminal at 1, in the hope of getting to Playas (yes, Beach) by was more like 8, but we got there a little sticky, but safe and sound. Found a nice cheap hostal right on the beach, dumped our stuff and went for some food! Very chilled night with a bit of beach walking and some Nick Drake to send us to sleep! Also, a very odd convo with Garland about English magazines..! Mat was very Saturday was beach day, and after a lovely lie in we set off, fully creamed ... read more

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