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April 14th 2007
Published: April 14th 2007
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Decided to be cultured and so met the chicas at Cafecito early morning to head off to Museo de Banco Central which supposedly (according to the Lonely Planet) is "the biggest and most absorbing" in Cuenca. Wandered around it for a while but was seriously not impressed by the art - Lou does better on photoshop. Outside was a lot better even though only four of us made it that far (the others sat on the grass for the hour and a half we were out there) with the remains of the Incan city of Tomebamba as well as a landscaped garden designed to show all the different scenery of Ecuador. Quite cool and I got a brilliant close-up of a humming bird! (I'm obsessed I know) before walking around the aviary (although Bel got more excited about the cats). We met the others out front and took them to the craft market before heading off for ice creams (what else).

The Quito girls went back to the hostal and everyone went home except me, the Sophies and Lou who went shopping (clothes shopping this time and actually the first time we've been since arriving!) Bought a top before Sophie left us to meet Roberto and we three carried on shopping. Got to say I'm quite disappointed with Ecuadorian fashions overall. Need serious retail therapy when I get home.

Had to go home to get ready for Roberto's party that night. Went to pick up the Quito girls as we supposedly knew where we were going. Managed to find it in the end and got in (stupid Ecuadorian security everywhere!) Really good evening (althoug technically we didn't leave until four in the morning)

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Is it an eagle, is it a buzzard?Is it an eagle, is it a buzzard?
Is it an eagle, is it a buzzard?

I honestly don't know but it's very pretty!
Statues? Ballerinas?Statues? Ballerinas?
Statues? Ballerinas?

Nope, just Lou and Claire!

24th April 2007

shopping etc.
Well I think your top is very pretty. Who is Roberto though?! Nice black and white piccys. Whoose attempt at being artistic was that?
24th April 2007

I thought Percy was a Park keeper!
Hi Kat Nice top. Have you bought one for me? Glad you had a great weekend. I like the black and white photos. Very elegant!Glad you had a good weekend at home before going off again. You must need a rest sometime???

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