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June 2nd 2016
Published: June 6th 2016
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We had heard the stories of Quito twice over, of how people had been pickpocketed or had their bags sliced open under their seat on a bus and having the contents removed. Even at the border they gave us a leaflet advising us of fake taxis that take tourists out of town and rob them. In our taxi to our hostel we were running through the checklist in our heads to be sure we were in a legit one. ▪... Read Full Entry

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7th June 2016
making the most out of their afternoon

I love this photo!
I didn't know that you your body weight can be lighter (by a kilo!) at the equator. So does that mean I'm a kilo heavier just from being so far from the equator in southern Australia (and that kilo has nothing to do with the cake I've been eating)? ;)
10th June 2016
making the most out of their afternoon

Re: I love this photo!
Thank you, we loved sitting on those steps just people watching. In regards to that extra kilo, unfortunately we cannot confirm or deny that this is solely down to your global location or the cake...but hey who are we to argue with science.
8th June 2016

Chili Pig
Gotta be the biggest roast pig ever seen! Where'd you see it? Quito you can say!
10th June 2016

Re: Chili Pig
It was a pretty big roast to be honest. We found it funny how it seemed to have a chilli in almost every orifice! I think this was in the food market in Otavalo, a very interesting place to wonder around.
12th June 2016
Passing time

My aunt and uncle traveled a lot and I remember a charm my aunt sent to me from Quito. I had to run to the encyclopedia to look it up. It seemed so mysterious. I must get there some day. I hung on your every word and glad it wasn't as rough and tumble as you were expecting.
16th June 2016
Passing time

Re: Quito
It really does get your mind racing when entering a new country with such a reputation. Thankfully we were able to overlook that and really get to see the sights of such an intriguing place. Plus the best thing about Quito is the fact that everywhere is commutable within a few hours.

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