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August 23rd 2009
Published: August 23rd 2009
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Everything is good here...everyone is so nice...I can´t use my computer yet because the plugs are different and we have to go buy a converter. I live literally right next to the airport so all day you here sounds of airplanes. When you go outside you can see the planes pass overhead. They fly so low that if I took a picture the only thing that would be seen is the bottom of the plane. I saw when I walked outside today and it scared me.
Yesterday I had a really hard time sleeping and the matress was kind of hard but other than that everything is good. When I got here my host mom gave me herbal tea and told me a little about the Ecuadorian culture. Here life is a lot slower and everything is usually made fresh and is a lot healthier. She said that most of the time when you get sick there is no need to go to the dotor because there is natural remedies for everything which is good for me because my mom is an herbalist and I am not used to taking traditional medicine.
Today I woke up and had fresh pineapple juice. I usually don´t like pineapple juice and this was no exception but it did taste better. I think it was just too sweet for me. After we went to the university of the bus. I have to catch two buses to get to the university and I pray that I remember everything because I have to catch the bus home tomorow. There are a lot of cars and no one follows the rules. It is quite hard to cross the street. There are people selling fruit and little things on the street. While the bus is driving the view out of the window is gorgeous mountains.
The university is so pretty. It is really small. I go to a school with 43,000 students and this school has three thousand. ¡Una gran diferencia! I´ll put pictures up as soon as I can use my computer.


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