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South America » Ecuador » North » Esmeraldas October 21st 2008

Buenas tardes everybody. It has been some time since my latest dispatch, and a lot has happened. I have also been sitting at this computer for about an hour and half now, writing emails. So I guess this is a warning to the reader...this blog might be sloppy. My last entry was from Otavalo, a popular market town a couple hours north of Quito, in the mountains. A notable event from there: I watched the Ecuador Chile eliminatorias game (a league game to determine who gets into the 2010 World Cup, this game did not determine if Chile or Ecuador made it, per say, but its nearing the end of the eliminatorias and was certainly important)...I watched this game in a packed theater with a bunch of Otavaleños. They served popcorn and soda, had stadium seating, ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Esmeraldas March 4th 2008

Wow! I wish you could hear my new way of saying my friends in Muisne have taught me....its more of a Wooowwww. Its been a long time, kids! Speaking of long time, its taking forever to load the pictures, so those will have to wait. But I need to tell you about the absolutely amazing perspective-altering experiences I have been having in Ecuador! I was lucky to have met Rebecca (Georgetown student from DC who was to become one of my best friends at the reserve) at my orientation in Quito the day before, so I met my travel buddy at 6am for our 12 hour bus journey to the coast. The town I was going to was on an island on the Pacific (seperated from the mainland by only a small river)called Muisne. We ... read more
The Road to my new home
My tropical diseased legs!
Back at the tree fort after a hard days work

South America » Ecuador » North » Esmeraldas February 10th 2007

The bus station was full. I was the only gringo in there, and as I sat there clutching my bags and sensing peoples eyes examining me and my belongings I thought "This is what travelling alone must be like alot of the time". The sensation certainly wasn't lost at all as I sat in my bus seat and felt kids under my seat tugging on my bag, which I clutched with sufficient strength to deter the slightly simple youngsters. Otherwise the bus ride was great... Ohhh... Except for the fact that I had to take a piss after to hours, but wasn't comfortable leaving my bags unattended, so I held on for 10 hours, often having to lend some physical assistance to the hold. I believe the experience has atleast increased my bladder capacity! Finally I ... read more
Muisne forest
I ruin this photo
Atacames beach

South America » Ecuador » North » Esmeraldas June 15th 1980

June 15, 1980 *City official name :Esmeraldas *Founded date :? *Location :Esmeraldas Province *Elavation :0 ft (0 m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :The conquistadors were astounded to find Indians bedecked in emeralds awaiting them on shore when they landed. Convinced that the region was abundant in the brilliant gems, they named it Esmeraldas. ... read more
Esmeraldas - Oil Refinary

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