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October 21st 2009
Published: October 21st 2009
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feeding the chicks blood red spagetti rat entrails
Islas De Galapagoas, Isla Hispañola,

I spit out a big blob of red colored pleghm, the taste of metalic blood foremost in my mouth while my body is trembling, big spasms of muscle cramps rippling through my shivering body. I am covered with the red earth I am lying on, my pinkish flesh shining through the rivers left on my skin by heavily perspiring pores...

I am learning a lesson here and surrounded by a crowd of locals it is humiliating, the cops who have become my friends these last few weeks, dressed in their tight-fitting brown police uniforms daring me to get up again and the Thai spectators called in from the street, see the farang from Holland fight and leave a few Baht notes for the police retiring fund on the way out...

Serious gagging sounds bring me back to the here and now. One of my fellow passengers on this cruise to Isla Hispañola hanging over the rial right above my head which by the way is resting quite peacefully in Aino's lap, heaving his Spagetti Bolognese down into the salty sea...yellowish half digested spagetti strings with the ketyap still scarlet red though at
Our "cruize"  shipOur "cruize"  shipOur "cruize" ship

at anchor in Española bay
places covered with greenish digestive fluids. Great fish food and somehow reminding me of the dream I was just in...that dusty courtyard in the back of that always busy police station in Bangkok...the blood coming out of my mouth then had these same specks of green, a tooth infection I found out upon return to Amsterdam.

These refused for consumption spagetti strings bring me back to that dead rat in Puerto Ayora's harbour this afternoon, whose entrails where splattered around in a semi-circle no doubt due to a traffic accident, and worked upon hard by a small army of red-footed boobies, pieces of rat spaggetti covered with ketyap entrails flying around the air while bold gulls snatch them from booby beaks while my fellow passengers-to-be wolf down the real stuff while waiting for our "cruise" ship to depart...

The real stuff that is now flying around my Gringo ears while all the other passengers but me and Aino join in the not so happy mêlee. I'm reasonably sure the crew is hightailing it to Isla Hispañola on even higher waves and at top speed...yeah, lets get these gringos malditos muy mareado to their core - seasick, you know.

more chicks to feed

Maybe I should try to bring my mind back to that police training ground for stupid farangs - nothing can be worse but a bunch of seasick puking Gringos Tontos...


24th December 2009


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