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August 10th 2014
Published: August 10th 2014
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Airport Fun!Airport Fun!Airport Fun!

They convinced me to wear the mohawk wig sideways! My friends' flight was delayed an hour, but in the meantime it was fun to greet other folks arriving and to play with the kids waiting for them!
Hola Amigos! This Blog will document a 15-day adventure I took recently with my good friends, La Familia Simonello (no, that's not salmonella!) Julia, Michael (hubby) & Michael (son, age 12) were repeat visitors to the coastal hotel I manage here in Ecuador, but they hadn't seen much of the rest of the country. I planted a seed when they came last November, setting forth ideas for an itinerary which would include Andes & Amazon adventures. They took the bait and flew into Quito on July 9th. My friends Annie & Orlando who started up "The Laughter Club" convinced me to join them in donning a clown wig to meet Julia & family at the airport!

Since Julia & her two Michaels are all great photographers, I didn't bother shooting any photos of my own. The following pix were gleaned from over 2000 shots (taken on three I-phones & one fancy Nikon). With their permission and blessings I present some favorite moments from our awesome journey! Thanks, Simonellos, for sharing these images, and a joyful fortnight of travel and awe.

Blog readers -
Quito's BasilicaQuito's BasilicaQuito's Basilica

Great day for climbing the cathedral's steeples and admiring views of Quito's historic Old Town.
since this blog is mostly photos and very little text, please be sure to scroll all the way down and click on NEXT to see all of the photos and read their captions. Hope you enjoy sharing our Ecuador travel adventures! Thanks for reading!

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Cotopaxi Exhilaration!Cotopaxi Exhilaration!
Cotopaxi Exhilaration!

We were able to drive all the way to the snow line - my sleeveless driving blouse was not exactly the right attire for this altitude so we snapped the foto quickly!
Snowball FightSnowball Fight
Snowball Fight

Twelve year-old Michael's first time in the snow!! Joyful fun & a chilly, damp massacre!
Black Sheep MascotBlack Sheep Mascot
Black Sheep Mascot

High in the Andes we visited this cool permaculture Inn. A cuddly black sheep was on my bed!
Loo with a ViewLoo with a View
Loo with a View

Black Sheep Inn is famous for its stunning composting toilets -- greenhouse gardens within, huge valley views beyond.
Black Sheep Weight RoomBlack Sheep Weight Room
Black Sheep Weight Room

Love the use of bottles all over this place, and the cement block weights on the gorgeous wood bench. This structure has one of the best views around!
Making CheeseMaking Cheese
Making Cheese

We watched the whole process: after the curd slush drains and forms they cut the rounds and weight them in these perforated draining tubes. They even let us nibble on wayward curds.
A Tub O'Cheese!A Tub O'Cheese!
A Tub O'Cheese!

Floating mozzarella is kept cool naturally in this high-altitude tiled basin. Fresh & delicious low-tech process!
Quilotoa CraterQuilotoa Crater
Quilotoa Crater

I love seeing the expression on people's faces as they first glimpse the wondrous beauty of this 12,000 ft high lagoon, formed by a collapsed volcanic cone.
Breathtaking Panorama!Breathtaking Panorama!
Breathtaking Panorama!

This photographic technique was surely made for views like this one! We had a glorious day - clear skies are reflected as vivid blues in the crater!
Quilotoa Mask VendorQuilotoa Mask Vendor
Quilotoa Mask Vendor

After buying a mask Julia asked this boy to pose with his brother, so he put it on the little kid's face!
Construction DelayConstruction Delay
Construction Delay

Occasionally we had to wait while they built the road right ahead of us!
Family TransportFamily Transport
Family Transport

Great shot taken by little Michael out the car window. I've seen as many as six on a motorbike, but it's hard to snap a picture in time!
Old Man in IsinliviOld Man in Isinlivi
Old Man in Isinlivi

Julia followed this viejito around town, snapping fotos of him. He is rather cute!
Old Lady in IsinliviOld Lady in Isinlivi
Old Lady in Isinlivi

The Italian priest has set up a woodworking shop behind the church. Check out the doors! After this picture was taken the old gal gave me a kiss!
Colorful Bee BoxesColorful Bee Boxes
Colorful Bee Boxes

Bees are alive and will in this high Andean village!
Juive Chico Kiddie ParkJuive Chico Kiddie Park
Juive Chico Kiddie Park

That's my two-story white house in the back. The park was built after I moved in. Lots of noise and kids climbing the wall - oy!
Tree Tomato HarvestTree Tomato Harvest
Tree Tomato Harvest

Each week this I see this scene at the neighborhood shop around the corner from my house. Tree tomatoes (also known as tamarillos) make delicious juice and are used in hot sauce.
Baptizing the KitchenBaptizing the Kitchen
Baptizing the Kitchen

Chefs Michael & Michael made scrumptious pizza and a heavenly pineapple/babaco/strawberry tart. They also made a big mess which they also cleaned up. I like this kind of visitors!
Banos from AboveBanos from Above
Banos from Above

Viewed from Cafe del Cielo at Luna Runtun up on the hill, Banos fills the valley below!

10th August 2014

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