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August 29th 2008
Published: August 29th 2008
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All setAll setAll set

Ready for an adventure in the jungle...
Ola everyone!!

Just got back from spending a few days in the Amazon Jungle which was so much fun (even if it was really hot and I got seriously mugged by mozzies and sandflies!).

After leaving Banos in Ecuador, we headed up to Misahualli and checked into the "pink elephant" which is a ugly hotel that's painted hot pink! There's nothing to do in Misahualli except swim in the river and watch the monkeys steal your water or icecream and then race up the tree while trying to fend off the other monkeys who also want some as well!

The next day, we took a motorised canoe to where were started our 4 hour hike through the Amazon. While I had great fun splashing and sloshing in the mud (it had rained heavily the night before and I had holes in my wellies), it was a hard trek as the forest was quite dense at times and humidity was 99%. While we saw lots of butterflies and ants, we had to fend off all the massive spiders that seem to come out of nowhere.

Eventually we got to the lodge and chilled out for a while before visiting a local indian family and seeing their local customs and ways of life. That night, while sitting around the campfire, we decided to go on an impromtu walk to see if we could find any monkeys. We found them huddled up some palm trees that have massive spikes up the trunk (to protect them from other animals). The monkeys were quite cute and small and weren't happy with us shining our torches at them.

When it was time for bed, James and I squealed like school children as we had to put on brave faces while getting rid of all the spiders, praying mantis and cockroaches that seemed to have invaded our hut.

After another hike the next day, we went tubing down the river. Apart from a few close calls of almost getting stuck between branches and swept away in some powerful rapids, it was awesome!

Eventually we got back to the pink elephant for cold showers before heading to Quito early the next day, which is where I am now. Am off to the Galapagos Islands on Monday which should be awesome!

While in the Jungle, what do you think might have happened?
Trees for the monkeysTrees for the monkeysTrees for the monkeys

These are the palm trees that we found the monkeys up...

1. Monkeys shat on my face
2. I ate ants that tasted like lemon
3. There was a snake spotted near where we were sleeping
4. All or none of the above.

Email me with your answer and I'll reply back to you!

Ciao for now - off to check out the Old Town in Quito and tomorrow we are off to the "Middle of the World" (aka the Equator).

Brooke x


30th August 2008

Competition Question...
.. I'm guessing all of the above!?

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