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South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli April 17th 2022

Hello loyal blog-reading friends! It's time for another exciting entry. This one is packed with travel pics! I usually spend hours and days writing the text and arranging the fotos so each picture coincides with the paragraph of text which corresponds to the image. SORRY! That isn't as likely to happen this time. You'll just need to scroll to the end to see all of the pics that didn't fit in with the text. I chose and captioned the photos weeks ago, but I can't seem to hold still long enough to finish writing and publishing it. How did I get so busy in retirement? One of the reasons I've been unable to work on this blog entry is that I am unable to sit comfortably. I had a fall and am in quite a bit ... read more
Unbridled Joy
Danielle and Amy
La Rinconada

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 1st 2022

We started the New Year off right, with a ladies' brunch to celebrate our dear seamstress friend, Zahra. She has done so much for our group of gringa friends and refuses to charge us very much if anything at all! Julie hosted the brunch on a sunny morning. Her living room/dining room/kitchen area has a glass roof so it's a bright, joyful space (where we also practice yoga together 3x/wk). She set a beautiful table and the gathering of friends was filled with laughter and affection. I enjoyed a three-day getaway to the jungle with three of my yoga buddies. CiCi came along as well. We went to Misahuallí, a place famous for a large troupe of resident capuchin monkeys who rule the town square. They can be very agressive, grabbing water bottles, cameras...even hats and ... read more
Huge Tree in Misahuallí!
 A Bend in the River
Puka Urku - Red Rock

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli January 30th 2020

Throughout this last week, we’ve been in and out of different parts of the Amazon rainforest and the highlands of Ecuador. One common thing that I’ve noticed on the side of the road is a type of sign that says something along the lines of “Water is life, don’t contaminate it” (written in Spanish, clearly). In the United States, I may have seen billboards that say something like this, put up by private organizations or nonprofits, but it’s very rare to see a sign like this put out by the government. The closest thing we have to this are the signs that state a fine for littering. I found this interesting for a few reasons. The first is that the Ecuadorian government is putting more time into making sure that the environment is protected, which I ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 4th 2019

As I write this blog entry I'm recovering from cataract surgery (right eye), staying with friends near Quito. I am trying to limit my screen time to rest my eye which is my way of telling you that this entry is likely to be more photos than text so be sure to scroll all the way to the end for a more in-depth pictoral tour. Fortunately, I had chosen, edited and uploaded the photos for this entry before the operation. If you are on facebook you will likely have seen many of these pics already, but now you'll get the full scoop! Today is day six sans cataract but I still have some inflammation -- the effect is like watching a 3D movie without the special glasses...hyper-real! I'm hoping to be given the all-clear to drive ... read more
Bday Dinner
Quito's Historic Center
Cafe Mosaico at Sunset

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 18th 2014

Day 29 Today we were involved in many of the community activities. Firstly the red die in the seeds of a rambutan like fruit was used for face painting as a bit of fun & as a means to show how it is used in cosmetics as well as food colouring. The red colour is also believed to scare away bad energy. We then walked through their communal farm area to find out about all the characteristics & uses of the various plants & trees & to collect various fruit & vegetables (incl limes, oranges, yuca - a starchy root vegetable used to make chicha, a staple energy drink/food for all the family as well as a more alcoholic drink when left to ferment up to 2 weeks. We also collected various aromatic green leaves to ... read more
Indian Princess!

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 17th 2014

Day 28. After a delicious breakfast of omelette & a plantain banana starch pancake cooked & wrapped in a palm leaf we took a 45 min motorised canoe ride up the Napo River which is a shallow but fast running river with many large islands of smooth rounded rocks of all sizes & colours. The Napo is fed from Cotopaxi a beautiful cone shaped volcano (nearly 6000 mtrs) the peak of which is snow covered the whole year round. The Napo merges with Araujo river at almost right angles forming an enormous rapid before continuing on its relentless path to join the mighty Amazon. After turning up the Araujo River we slowly entered a small sand & rock tributary until the canoe was grounded and was the start of our 3-4 hr hike. The stream was ... read more
Up the creek without a paddle!

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 16th 2014

DAYS 27 7am mini van pick-up to get to the Quito bus station for a 6 hr local bus trip to Tena which is a hub town for the north east region. Stopped for lunch before proceeding to the jungle. The local buses were one of our security concerns before the trip but were quickly eased. In all cases our luggage will be stored in a separate under bus compartment from start to finish of our journeys & therefore we only have to manage hand luggage. The bus was very comfy & had a wide screen TV playing crap movies dubbed in Spanish, thankfully there was plenty to see out the windows.Once we cleared Quito (both slum & affluent areas) we took a mountain road nth-east through lush country mainly following a pass through massive Andean ... read more
Our Hut
I can do this!
OK, get it off now!

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli February 19th 2014

Diane and I set off for Archidona, a jungle village just slightly further into the Amazon Basin than I’d driven before. She has old friends, a kind of adopted family she met 30 yrs ago. Casimiro Mamallacta is a shaman who performs rituals and ayahuasca ceremonies. I agreed to go along with her, told her I wasn’t interested in doing ayahuasca (a hallucinogenic drug extracted from a vine) but that I’d enjoy meeting the family and learning about their culture. Diane said she was not planning to take part in a ceremony either. Our plan was to stay a few nights in some rustic cabanas that Casimiro’s sons have built. Diane was last there just over a year ago, and she told me that although I might want to bring my own sheets and pillow, they ... read more
Down the Waterfall
dodgy bridge

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli November 1st 2013

We have just arrived back at our accomodation Banana Lodge in the small village of Misahualli in the Ecuador Oriente region, after spending three days in the jungle. We arrived in Misahualli from Baños five days ago, and spent the first two days mainly laying in hammocks enjoying the sun and the relaxing surroundings. Even though, we did not only lay in hammocks, but also spent quite a bit of time also observing the wild monkeys inhabiting the village central square: it was extremely entertaining to watch one of them steal the hat of an unfortunate French lady, then play with it, and then angrily attack a man who tried to take the trophy away from it. We were instructed to take care of our cameras, as apparently those sneaky things can snatch them too - ... read more
Local public transit system (ok, they do have buses too)
bananas growing at the Banana Lodge
monkey and hat

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli August 10th 2012

Day 24 : The jungles of Tena Day 6: Today was our off/fun day. After another good breakfast, we all went down to the boats and headed to the Amazon Rescue Center. After hearing the rulles and grabbing a nice cold Coke, we were escorted around the center. We saw several different varities of birds, including macaws, parrots, and tucans. We also saw a caiman (a sort of alligator), turtles, an oscelot, two jaguars, and several types of monkeys. At the end of the tour, just when we were ready to head to the gift shop, one of the local wild troops of monkeys made their presence known. They were swinging thru the trees above us, occasionally dropping down close to check us out. Pretty cool. After visiting the gift shop, and getting another cold Coke, ... read more
The family of our local guide
Rescue Center office
A beautiful macaw

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