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South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo January 16th 2015

The previous day I had scheduled a one day tour into the amazon for 30$. We met at this little tour guide in Banos at 830 am and headed towards the jungle. The road to Puyo (the closest city to the jungle from Banos) was beautiful. Slowly decending out of the cloud forest down towards the jungle. The road literally sits on the edge of a cliff, so when you look out the window you are looking straight down towards the river far below. We arrived in Puyos and stopped at a gas station to get fuel and snacks for those who wanted some. Then we headed off to a monkey rehabilitation center. Their goal was to get these monkeys back into the wild. We walked around the reserve and interacted with monkeys and turtles. I ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo December 13th 2012

As you know, Andy and I are going to Ecuador in 2013 to volunteer at a sanctuary for orphaned and injured monkeys that have been rescued from lab experiments and the South American pet trade. The sanctuary, El Paseo de los Monos, is located in the jungles of Puyo, Ecuador where they rehabilitate monkeys (spider, wooly, white capuchin, black capuchin, squirrel, tamarin and saki) and reintroduce those that can live on their own back into the wild. So far, our itinerary is as follows: Saturday, 2/23/13 -Arrive in Quito -Spend the night at a hotel in the historic district ("Old Town") Sunday, 2/24/13 -Explore Old Town Quito -Go see the Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus (Company of Jesus Church) which is encased in gold leaf -Take a cable car up Pinchincha volcano (dormant) -Make our ... read more
Paseo los Monos
Historic Quito
Company of Jesus church in Quito

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo September 20th 2012

After an amazing stay in Banos, we headed deeper south into the Amazon basin to a fairly big city, Puyo. While Puyo, didn’t have quite the charm of Banos, it was a decent place to stay so that we could enjoy an Amazon experience. After the bus dropped us off into town, we attempted to find a cab to our hotel (El Jardin). I asked several police officers at the bus station, and they were totally convinced El Jardin was about a two-hour ride up the road in a town called Tena. In fact, the cops were so convinced, for a brief moment, they convinced me. I had thought I royally messed up with my logistics and took us to the wrong city. Thankfully, there was an internet café across the street. I was able to ... read more
Ready to Hike Amazon!
Steve Gettin His Tribe On!
Amazon Hike

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo January 12th 2012

So, instead of posting on facebook and then sending out emails to my friends and supporters who don't have facebook, someone recommended this. Being new to the blog thing we'll see how it goes. The nice part is that those who don't have facebook will still be able to see photos without me having to send a bunch in emails. Considering the speed of my internet connection, I think this might save me quite a bit of time. So, bear with me and I hope this helps keep everyone up to date on what I'm doing. So this week has also been interesting and challenging. Since it is my first week being on call, I wasn't sure what to expect. There have been plenty of interesting cases which those who have facebook may have heard about ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo May 23rd 2011

The more I teach, speak and learn to love the children in this small part of Ecuador the more bothered I become. They do not seem to grasp that a whole other world is at their fingertips. You ask them in what other countries they speak Spanish and they name Puyo, Ambato, and Quito…all cities in their country. Some of these children are so bright and could aspire to much more, but the mindset of the parents and sometimes even the directors does not encourage doing something extraordinary. Education here in the Pastaza region is much different than that of the Western world. The children learn about agriculture, poisonous plants and tactics for crossing the street safely. They learn about life’s practicalities while the developed world teaches their children classic literature, technology and the arts. This ... read more
Story Time
Typical classroom

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo April 18th 2011

It doesn't really seem as though I have been back at the jungle house for three wonderful months! So as for the promised tales about our "Arajuno Jungle Lodge". Ha. It went nowhere near how we planned! Apparently our doubts were based in truth and we worked very hard to try and keep the 33 people happy but ultimately they left early. Our dinner was a fiasco...not enough bowls/plates/forks, a pan of dropped veggies, a botched batch of rice...and we didn't even have enough liquor to satisfy their needs! Luckily we had some Puro Puyo (a local grain alcohol made in some grandmotherly lady's bathtub) and gifted it to our unhappy guests. However, once they left Rachel and I felt a wave of relief crash over us. The following day we went into Puyo during Carnival ... read more
The best way to see the countryside
Medusa sizing up the tartantula

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo February 26th 2011

I'm back and writing from the jungle! It is strange how quickly the vibe in the house can change. I left when there were 10 people in the house, most of whom had been there for a number of months and I returned to just Racehl and myself! We have had a few volunteers in and out and the outlook is good :) I feel as though I have hardly had any time to breathe since my return. The house always seems to need so much attention, nevermind the lesson plans, teaching and entertaining the volunteers. Oh yes, and I got the flu! Thankfully it passed after only 2 weeks but I learned that the pharmasists do not ask any pertinent questions- they just hand out pills...the first of which I was allergic to! Secondly, the ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo November 26th 2010

Floated a class 4 river for about 6 hours. What an awesome experience. Through the jungle as well, Very beautiful. Had the camera locked in a dry bag so wasnt able to get any pictures during the trip but got A couple before, during lunch and after where we got out of the water is where all the monkey pictures are. At one spot there was a waterfall so we had to get out and hike through the jungle and down a small cliff while they used ropes to float the boat downstream. One of the rapids he let us all get out and he pushed the boat through then we all floated and got sucked under at two spots. It was awesome, i did drink a little water at this point. Then one of the ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo November 22nd 2010

Went to a native indian meeting with the brother (Alex)were stayin with in tana. The language is shuar. Small friendly group. Then monday we went to a getto zoo where many animals would escape daily. The video is of 1 of 3 cats that escaped. They were chasin them with branches and machetes to corral them in there pen. Not very successful though. After that we went to a little water park and hiked through some caves.... read more
Quito bus terminal

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo October 31st 2010

El Huerto de Esfuerzo As the time goes on here I am realizing the how much of a difference seeing the kids 2 times a week can make. Luckily, with one of the schools I teach at I have that opportunity. I have been going with the community development boys out to Esfuerzo and while they do “man work” in the garden I have had the girls paint name tags and put them in the garden. It is great because it gives me another chance to collect/help with homework and also apply English to something practical...the crops that they grow and eat! Somehow I was allowed to go with the boys to buy 10 bags of compost, something our organization funded, and as we drove along the road we saw a man on horseback with a ... read more
Jungle trekking
So much green!

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