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July 1st 2009
Published: July 25th 2009
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Feeling slightly more human today after the drenching we got yesterday but it´s amazing what a hot bath and good night´s sleep can do. Absolutely gorgeous sunny weather today which was just a slap in the face coming the day after our soaking jungle venture.

Still, better weather meant we could actually do something today instead of skulking in the hostel as we had planned so we decided on visiting a nearby exotic bird sanctuary to see some of the jungle inhabitants who were so shy yesterday at closer quarters.

Started off a bit weird as they seemed to have the largest collection of pigeons I´ve seen outside of Trafalgar Square but then I suppose pigeons are technically éxotic birds´here.

The best of the bunch had to be a funny reddish-brown pigeon with red eyes (truly no idea what it was) sitting happily with the sign ´Magpie - Inglaterra´next to it. I didn´t quite have the heart to tell the owners how wrong they were and so I´m equally unsure whether the others were all labelled correctly!

Random discoveries of the day:

1. Ecuadorians get very excited by ostriches - apparently there are barely any here even in zoos.
2. Peacocks in Spanish translate as ´Royal Turkeys´- gotta love the name!

I personally got rather more distracted by the parrots, none of which could fly poor things. They just kind of hobbled around their fake trees. Really see no need to cripple the poor birds when there are a million and wild ones flying around anyway.

As well as various Amazon birds and in addition to their extensive pigeon collection, the sanctuary also housed many monkeys, tortoises and some kind of South American warthog thing which was less than prepossessing, even more so when the owner said he had named it after his wife. Charming!

The birds were going crazy by the time we had almost finished as it was lunchtime and we were flagging due to the heat. At least the weather bodes well for the beach!

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26th July 2009

Of course they were magpies
Well glad to hear the weather cheered up. Photos as good as usual. I love to see a photo of this magpie!
26th July 2009

That orange bird is the weirdest bird I've ever seen! He looks like he has an eye in his neck and his head is just missing! Love the 'Magpie'! I think you should have enlightened them though, you could always email them a photo from home!
26th July 2009

I suppose 'Royal Turkeys' is quite apt, as they have similar tail plummage shapes and they did eat peacock too... Personally, I find most poultry quite disappointing (sausages!); have you dined on any more guinea pig? Food on summer job is mostly potatoes - one evening we had hotpot with sliced potatoes on the top, potatoes in the hotpot mixture underneath served with mashed potatoes on the side. I feel like... a potato, actually! And not a South American beach toasted one, either :-( Other ideas: you should get a stone version of the monkey carved and put it on your [eventual] mansion's gatepost to scare off unwanted visitors! It looks scary! Take care, amiga! xxx
3rd December 2010

Great picture!

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