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March 18th 2010
Published: March 18th 2010
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Steak with Ant sauce and fried AntsSteak with Ant sauce and fried AntsSteak with Ant sauce and fried Ants

had to try the local food...
Hello from Santa Marta, Columbia

We have been in Columbia for 2 weeks now and we are loving it. Everyone we meet is really friendly and welcoming. We started our Colombian adventure in Bogota. The highlight of Bogota was staying in La Candelaria, it´s the old centre of town and we loved walking the old lane ways and looking at some great Graffiti. We had a wicked night out with a friend from Buenos Ares and his Colombian friend. We got introduced to Augadente, which is a Sambuca type white alcohol that you drink in small shots. It was great and set us up nicely for a bit of a boogie in a popular club.

After Bogota we got a bus up to San Gil, a booming adventure town. Not quite up to Queenstown´s standards of thrill seeking but it was pretty close. We spent a morning rappelling down a waterfall which was so much fun but ridiculously scary. Unfortunately to my horror Brett was heaps braver than me....grr! San Gil has a great fruit market as well and we spent one morning going around trying different fruit that we had never seen before.

Another highlight of San Gil was taking a bus to a quaint Spanish colonial town called Barichara. It was really beautifully restored to look as it did when the Spanish first arrived. A local delicacy in this region is Ants...yes you heard right ANTS!! They are massive, check out the photo´s. We went for lunch at a restaurant called in English The colour of Ants and you guessed it was had Steak with Ant sauce and fried Ants. To get an idea of the size of the ants have a look at your little finger, they would have been from the tip of your nail to the first knuckle. Very Big!

After our feast we walked an old Spanish trail for a village called Guane. This village was very remote and old. The guide book described it as being stuck last century and it wasn't´t to wrong.

After San Gil we hopped on a very cold overnight bus to Santa Marta. Santa Marta is a bit rough around the edges but again the people are the most friendly we have come across on this trip. Yesterday we went and visited paradise...well it was a beach called Bahia Concha and it was gorgeous.
hmm not to sure about thathmm not to sure about thathmm not to sure about that

Brett actually ate up all his Ants. He didn´t think they were to bad.
We spent a great afternoon lounging around and swimming. Last night we celebrated St Paddy´s day because it would be rude not to. Thankfully the party was at another hostel as we had loud Irish tunes spouting from the stereo. Some green paint was doing the rounds as well so we embraced our Irish side and went green.

Tomorrow we are heading into the bush for a 6 day trek to Ciudad Perdida, the lost city. This will be our first foray into the Jungle so we can´t wait.

Sending our love, hope your all well and having fun.

Jo and Brett

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Jo´s turnJo´s turn
Jo´s turn

I was not too sure about eating massive ants, but had to give it a go.
not really impressed at allnot really impressed at all
not really impressed at all

It´s safe to say that I didn´t like them.

Beautiful streets of this Spanish colonial town.
on the Spanish trail to Guaneon the Spanish trail to Guane
on the Spanish trail to Guane

we walked for just over 1.5 hours and passed one person and about 5 houses. It was very remote and dry. All the river beds were dry as dry. so different to home.
Brett at the Fruit MarketBrett at the Fruit Market
Brett at the Fruit Market

Making some purchases for lunch.
Jo trying a PitayaJo trying a Pitaya
Jo trying a Pitaya

This yellow spiky fruit was so nice and jucy.
Arepa Con PolloArepa Con Pollo
Arepa Con Pollo

Corn bread with chicken - this was the best snakck ever! we went back a few times.
Soccer madSoccer mad
Soccer mad

Brett is missing playing football so much he made this minny pitch on the beach.

19th March 2010

Hey Jo and Brett - looks like you are having a ball - i am really envious of you :-) - have fun while you may. Great pics - take care.
19th March 2010

Smiles all round
put a smile on your mum´s face this morning. Great to catch up with your news.and photos. You two are looking so good and look like having so much fun. Enjoy the stroll into deep forest...or wherever. We are off to Arequipa today,moving out of Lima at last and into the country. Lots of love to you both Mum & Dad
21st March 2010

Brett and Joanna, We enjoyed reading your Columbia post. It reminded me of my time there. Our blog is looking for some good travel photos to post. If you have the time, email us some at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com, or come check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Heather and Eric
22nd March 2010

Santa Marta, Columbia
Just wanted to say love the commentary, love the photos. Keep them coming. You guys look like you're having so much fun. Love, Cheryl
17th April 2010

The rappelling down a waterfall looks way more fun that eating ants.

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