Photos from Ciudad Perdida, Santa Marta, Colombia, South America

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Lost City trek
A local Kogi girl...
Our guide & the local Shaman
"... the only way is up ...."
It's also nick named the"Machu Picchu of Colombia"
Ruins of the Ciudad Perdida
Cloud forest
Our 4 star jungle accommodation
Crossing the river
Cloudy times....
Rainy times...
The kitchen is in the background....
A local Kogi girl.
Local "conference centre"
What a stove is good for....
Steaming clothes
Crossing to our first sleeping spot...
Happy trekking
Tayrona seas
A typical beach in Tayrona
Tayrona park
Ohh, joy,
El Totumo
A second Oro-museum
And yes, we were near the Caribbean...
A Tinto lady
The stretch-bed...
So, which Demons did attend your wedding????
Street views in Cartagena
Sunset at the wall.
No clue what it means...
Les enfants indigenes regardant les photos
Local huts
Colombian Jungle
Trackside pool
A rewarding sight
The Ruins
Young soldiers at lost city
ciudad perdida
Us at a rest stop
LM at swimming spot
Swimming spot
Cocaine Factory
Toilet break for the horse
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